Goliath Construction Tour Update

Hi guys, my name is Spencer. This is my report from the tour of Goliath construction at Six Flags New England. You probably know me as redsd2121 on the SFNE Online Forums. Today was my first American Coaster Enthusiasts event and I would like to share my pictures with you all. I hope you enjoy them. To start out this report, look at the new view from the preferred parking lot. As you can see, this ride is freaking massive!


This is the view from right inside the entrance. This ride has changed the skyline so much. But it almost looks out of place, no?

Looking down Main Street. Bizarro and Scream look so lonely. Most people will probably think Goliath is larger than those two!
Time to begin the actual tour. Crack Axle Canyon will never look the same.
So sexy. And look at tiny little Flashback in the background.
You can almost stand right under this the cobra roll. The smoking section will provide some excellent views when the coaster opens. Goliath is still in the process of being power washed. SFNE told us that painters will be coming in next week!
You can see Shipwreck Fall”s old station being used as a queue house, the station being built, and workers power washing Goliath. It was a busy construction site!
The coaster is so sexy. I want to ride now!
Getting artsy… This picture would look a lot better if there was a train coming out of the cobra roll.
They also mentioned that something very interesting! They talked about surprises for the towers! The surprise is probably something small relating to theming. This also shows how small Flashback is compared to Goliath
Heading back towards the parks entrance. This ride and its surroundings are just so beautiful.
To finish up, some random parts of the station and emergency platform were still in the parking lot. I would just like to end this post with a big “thank you” to Six Flags New England and the great people at ACE. They put this event on for us and I had a great time! – Spencer 


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