New Slides coming to Water Wizz

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A few days ago Screamscape reported that a reader had seen some slide pieces on site at the Water Wizz location in East Wareham, MA.    This water park hasn’t seen a new addition in years. In fact, one of our Christmas Wishes was for Water Wizz to add a new slide. Looks like one of the wishes is coming true.

Larry (djcyberlegend on the forum) drove by the park today and snapped these three photos to confirm Screamscape’s report. As you can see in the picture below, there are orange and blue slide pieces on site, right along the entrance road. From this angle they appear just be body slides.


This is another angle. To me they definitely look more like body slides than anything else.


In our last picture you can see the run outs. The run outs are the pieces with the sides that are straight, and not contoured. It seems like there will be two different slides, most likely family slides.


We’ll definitely be following this project. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter page for future updates!

  • Brandon Costa

    Hope water wizz gets those slides. It is a small water park, they should get some new attractions.

    • SFNE Online

      They are getting the slides. I will be making a post about that soon. We’ve confirmed with Water Wizz that the slides were relocated from a closed water park. They will be three different tube slides.

  • Brandon Costa

    Have they started to build the slides yet?

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