Whistlestop Park is coming to Six Flags New England

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  • Ryan

    Thanks for postin this information. It’s cool that they are brining this area bac

  • Hunter

    Do you think 2 attractions will be enough for the area if that’s all they’re gonna have?

    • http://www.sfneonline.org SFNE Online

      The season pass processing center being in Whistlestop Park will surely bring in more people. However, they do need a big family ride in there. Not just a kiddie plane ride and a family train ride.

  • S:RoS

    I can agree with the flying scooters but I wish SFNE would be willing to pay more to use the rights to hanna-barbera cartoons to re-theme that area

    • http://www.sfneonline.org SFNE Online

      Hanna Barbera has faded into irrelevancy. That would be a waste of money.

      • S:RoS

        Well Six Flags has never used the licens out side of Six Flags Great America,Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Fiesta Texas