Could a launch coaster replace Six Flags New England’s Flashback roller coaster?

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  • Gavin

    This is actually a good idea. I never realized how big the area around flashback was.

  • Ryan Culligan

    i could definitely see this. I also think we could see flashback moving to magic mountain. after the departure of deja vu, they dont have a boomerang. I could definitely see six flags relocating flashback and making it seem brand new as magic mountains 20th coaster

    • SFNE Online

      I don’t think SFMM will see any type of Boomerang coaster in it’s future. They definitely wouldn’t replace Deja Vu with an inferior model. When Magic Mountain gets it’s 20th coaster I’m sure it will be another record breaker.

  • Dennis

    Eek! I LOVE this blog post! Although, I may be a little biased because I’m Jzoole :) Thanks for using my idea and diagram! I would so love for this (or something similar) to come to fruition.

  • Justin2000

    How about call RMC to revamp Cyclone and restore the first drop?

  • Garrett

    How about a Premier Launcher that either starts in Flashbacks land or on the other side of pandemonium. I imagine it could go into the initial launch into somesort of Inverted top hat and then some how maybe “jump” through blizzard river with some cool elements and then as the grand finally, it could go into a large underground tunnel through the center of pandemonium where timewarp was and then the tunnel would go to the hill side where the wet lands are and do somesort of turnaround back into the station

  • Paul

    Cool idea

  • donald

    I thank so to but they should do something like a wing coaster or something like x2.