Could a launch coaster replace Six Flags New England’s Flashback roller coaster?


Last year you may recall we made a blog post on our old blog about this same subject. Lots of things have changed in a year so we thought we would dig this post back up, change stuff around, and add it into a new mini series on the blog. We know that the recording breaking New England SkyScreamer is coming for 2014, so now it is time to think about what the park could add in 2015 and beyond. At the Superhero Celebration event, John Winkler (SFNE’s park president) stated that they had just submitted their new five year plan to corporate and it included two new coasters within the next four years. This post is going on the assumption that Flashback is on it’s way to being retired.

The idea of a launch coaster replaced Flashback was first brought up by Jzoole, one of our many our forum members. He suggested that Flashback should be removed for a launch coaster that would be similar to the Mr. Freeze coasters at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis. As you may know, Flashback is a standard Boomerang coaster made by Vekoma. In 2012, Six Flags New England added Goliath. In essence, Goliath is a much better version of Flashback.  It only makes sense for the park to remove the older model in the coming years. As you can see in the picture below, Goliath clearly overshadows Flashback.


In 2011 Premier Rides – the company who manufactured the Mr. Freeze roller coasters – was contracted to build a coaster in Indonesia named Yamaha Racing Coaster with a similar layout to Mr. Freeze. Yamaha Racing Coaster uses LSMs instead of the troublesome LIMs to launch the train. For reference, here is a diagram of Yamaha Racing Coaster:


It seems like Six Flags has sparked a new relationship with Premier Rides – with projects like the award winning Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the new train for Goliath, and the world record breaking Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Therefore it would not be surprising to see more new roller coasters built by Premier at Six Flags parks.

Now getting back to talking about Flashback, the plot of land it sits in is surprisingly large. Jzoole knew this and he created this mock up.


If you aren’t familiar with The Flash, he is a DC Comics super hero with the ability to run really fast. Being that he’s “the fastest man alive” it would only make sense for Six Flags to utilize him as a theme for a new launch coaster. Why haven’t they done that already? It just seems like such a no brainer. To add fuel to the fire, The CW is preparing a spinoff of the massively popular Arrow series based on Barry Allen, aka The Flash. If you aren’t familiar, Arrow is a TV show that focuses on the origins of Green Arrow, a lesser known DC Comics hero. The Flash spinoff, starring Grant Gustin, is scheduled to come out for the 2014-2015 TV season. Wouldn’t that be a perfect tie-in for a new roller coaster?


A launch coaster would work at Six Flags New England for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that SFNE would be the first park in the area to install a launch coaster. Currently, you have to travel to Six Flags Great Adventure to ride a true launch coaster.

You may be wondering about capacity on a shuttle launch coaster. Premier Rides is known for developing innovative rides. They have already found a solution to the low capacity issues. Both of the Mr. Freeze roller coasters incorporate a dual loading station, meaning the coaster can use two trains if they want. While one train is running the course, another train is being unloaded and loaded again. When the train that was on the course comes back to the station and the train that has just been loaded is ready to be launched, the station platform moves. Note that the picture below is of the upgraded Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, where the trains launch backwards. Picture credit goes to Coaster Gallery:

Renamed roller coaster at Six Flags at Dallas, TX

We aren’t suggesting that if Six Flags New England receives a shuttle launch coaster that they would need to have the dual loading station. Everyone thought that Superman: Ultimate Flight’s capacity would be awful but it turned out to be just fine. Goliath also does quite well with just one train. So who knows if it would be a necessity at SFNE.

We think that this is the perfect replacement for when Flashback gets removed from the park. Since we have no idea when it will be removed, the next post in this miniseries will be looking at another possible location for where one of the two new coasters can be placed.


  • Gavin

    This is actually a good idea. I never realized how big the area around flashback was.

  • Ryan Culligan

    i could definitely see this. I also think we could see flashback moving to magic mountain. after the departure of deja vu, they dont have a boomerang. I could definitely see six flags relocating flashback and making it seem brand new as magic mountains 20th coaster

    • SFNE Online

      I don’t think SFMM will see any type of Boomerang coaster in it’s future. They definitely wouldn’t replace Deja Vu with an inferior model. When Magic Mountain gets it’s 20th coaster I’m sure it will be another record breaker.

  • Dennis

    Eek! I LOVE this blog post! Although, I may be a little biased because I’m Jzoole :) Thanks for using my idea and diagram! I would so love for this (or something similar) to come to fruition.

  • Justin2000

    How about call RMC to revamp Cyclone and restore the first drop?

  • Garrett

    How about a Premier Launcher that either starts in Flashbacks land or on the other side of pandemonium. I imagine it could go into the initial launch into somesort of Inverted top hat and then some how maybe “jump” through blizzard river with some cool elements and then as the grand finally, it could go into a large underground tunnel through the center of pandemonium where timewarp was and then the tunnel would go to the hill side where the wet lands are and do somesort of turnaround back into the station

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