New England SkyScreamer Construction Update #1


It”s been a little over a month since Six Flags New England closed for the season. A lot has happened in that short period of time – Taz”s Dare Devil Dive was completely removed and put into storage, Catapult”s site was cleared, and now New England SkyScreamer construction is in full swing! On this rainy Friday morning we decided to drive by the park to see what was going on.

The first thing we noticed, while not related to NESS, was the construction of sidewalks on both sides of the street that you have to take to get to SFNE. It”s pretty obvious why they are being built. It”s for those who choose to use the unofficial parking lots instead of paying the steep price Six Flags requires to park in their lots. The only way to access the bridge to the park is through the official parking lot by walking unsafely along the street. A few years ago, Six Flags tried to shut down the unofficial parking lots citing them as unsafe due to the lack of sidewalks. Well, looks like that argument backfired didn”t it?


The bridge to the park is just around the corner. This picture was taken from the ice cream place on Main St. During the summer the owner of the ice cream place allows SFNE visitors to park on his property.


A sidewalk for the other side of the road is in the process of being built.


I can”t remember if this traffic light has always been there but it looks fairly new. If it is new it”s probably there to serve as a point for pedestrians to cross the road easily.  That”s it for the boring sidewalk pictures. Now for the reason you probably came for:


Like I said above, Catapult”s site has been completely cleared. If you weren”t familiar with the park you probably wouldn”t even know a ride used to be here. Also, doesn”t it look strange without the big Skycoaster arch? Next year it will look much different with the massive 400 ft. New England SkyScreamer looking over the park.


It looks like they”re preserving the entry ramp that was there for the Skycoaster. It”s in perfectly fine condition so why not?


I find it interesting that they removed the Roman themed columns that were Have a look at our page for more information on Eco-Friendly Courses. there for Catapult but not the ones for the payment/information area for Taz”s Dare Devil Dive. Is it being preserved for the entry way to New England SkyScreamer?


The area where Catapult used to be is quite large. We were told that that it will become the queue for NESS but there is no way they would need all of that plus the entry ramp for the Skycoaster. There”s definitely enough room for some queue and a new flat or two. See scenario three in our “What will replace Catapult?” post.

Six Flags New England has been updating their Twitter with construction pictures. From the road you can”t see past the trees that surround the future site of New England SkyScreamer so their updates have been greatly appreciated! Here is what SFNE has posted so far:

They mentioned that a waterfall will be in front of it. Can you see the start of it?

With this picture they mentioned that 43 concrete trucks were needed to pour 430 cu. yards of concrete for the ride. Now that”s a lot of concrete.

So that”s it for our first update. We will go by the park again soon to check in on the progress. The concrete takes about a month to settle so there won”t be as much progress to post about. Once pieces start arriving that”s when the fun really begins! See you next time!

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