What will replace Six Flags New England's Catapult?

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We haven’t done a speculation post like this in a long time. With Catapult’s removal confirmed we thought it would be the perfect time to speculate on what might replace Catapult in the future. First off, we are going to post some pictures showing off what Catapult’s site looks like now that Catapult is gone.



As you might be able to tell, the site is rather large. This frees up some space that the park desperately needs for future expansions. We see a few different scenarios happening. Each one is more plausible than the next.

Scenario One:

A new launched coaster that starts in Catapult’s spot and goes behind Blizzard River. Like we said, we’re going to start off with the craziest scenarios. A launch coaster is something Six Flags New England is missing. How sweet would it be to launched from Catapult’s site to the woods behind Blizzard River. Then launch back up the hill and into the station. Cool, I know. Too bad it won’t happen.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.34.02 PM

Scenario Two:

A brand new garden! When SFNE removed Time Warp, they just replaced it with a garden. That probably won’t happen since Time Warp’s spot was hard to add something else in it. Pandemonium was built around Time Warp, which is why nothing else could really fit. Catapult’s location is really big and a garden would just be a waste of space.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.35.31 PM

Scenario Three:

New flat rides, because let’s face it – Six Flags New England desperately needs more flats. They aren’t as bad as Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Magic Mountain, but they are close. Catapult’s location could probably fit two smaller family friendly flats. As we mentioned in our Whistlestop Park post we think a Larson Flying Scooter ride would compliment SFNE’s line up of rides perfectly. Plus, it would fit in well with the world’s tallest Star Flyer coming to the park in 2014. More on that later.

sfneflyingscooterFlying Scooter rides lets the rider control their flight. We talked about it a lot in the Whistlestop Park post so we won’t go over it again. In addition to a Flying Scooter ride, another classic family friendly ride would be perfect. We were thinking a Tilt-a-Whirl. The former American Adventures park that Six Flags closed a few years ago had a Tilt-a-Whirl. It is now in storage at Six Flags Over Georgia. The Scrambler Six Flags Great Adventure received last year came from American Adventures.


The name of the Tilt-a-Whirl at American Adventures, as you can see in the photo above, was American Revolution. Now wouldn’t that fit in perfectly next to Cyclone? The Flying Scooter could also have an American theme. The rumored name for the Star Flyer is New England SkyScreamer. Actually, that is likely the name,  just basing it off of the other 400 ft. Star Flyer (named Texas SkyScreamer) going into Six Flags Over Texas.TexasSkyScreamer04_8x10_300dpi.jpg.728x520_q85

See what we’re getting at here? New England SkyScreamer, American Revolution, Cyclone, and whatever name Six Flags could come up for a Flying Scooter – would all be perfect for a mini themed area in SFNE. Will it happen? Probably not. But if I must say so myself, it is a great idea. 🙂

Scenario Four:

The most likely scenario is that Six Flags New England goes back to the town of Agawam to get approval to build the 400 ft. Star Flyer in Catapult’s spot. Currently the park has gotten approval for it to be built where Taz’s Dare Devil Dive (Sky Coaster) is. The plan would then have the park move the Sky Coaster over to the South End. Take a look at the site plan for the Star Flyer:


The site plan shows the Catapult would still be in the park. Obviously plans have changed. This is why we are speculating that they might just get approval to build New England SkyScreamer where Catapult was – eliminating the need to the relocate Taz’s Dare Devil Dive.

At this point anything could happen. If Six Flags New England does go back to the town we will be at that meeting. The Great Nor’Easter event put on by the American Coaster Enthusiasts is happening at the end of the month. We will likely get some more information about the removal of Catapult then.

What do you think will replace Catapult? Are our scenarios crazy? Let us know. We are interested in hearing what you have to say…


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  • Alex

    I remember I asked about putting a coaster in the woods. Someone told me that it is owned by Six Flags, but they couldn’t build there because it is a protected area. Does that still apply?

    Anyway, I think the SkyScreamer we’re getting will prompt a redesign to make the area completely new. I think we might be getting more than just the SkyScreamer next year.

    • Yeah it still applies. That’s why it was the first scenario. 😉 It’s the least likely to happen.

  • a nice Monster Hybrid would be nice, T wrap around The sky screamer BR and the picnic area.

    • That was another possible scenario. I thought about including it but SFNE has said that they looked into doing the Iron Horse revamp to Cyclone and decided against it. It would be sweet though.

      • sfnecoolkid

        Yes, very sweet

  • Cameron

    I hope its a b&m inverted coaster that goes behind blizzard river and the sky screamer in the woods. Or just a new gen. ZacSpin Coaster (that kinda goes back to the survey that they did at the end of 2012)

  • Steve

    6 Flags needs more ride rides that are actually fun.

  • David

    This is an excellent post. I love the third scenario you posted. I think more family friendly flats is what SFNE needs the most.

  • Dang if they are storing the tilt a whirl in Georgia they need to set it up there and run it. that park hardly has any flat rides. Maybe two or 3 at the most.

  • Adam

    I think you guys should make an awesome suspended launch coaster.

    • We are not affiliated with any amusement park. We’re just a fan site so we have no say in what Six Flags New England adds.

  • frankie

    They should make a Wonder Woman, Flash, or Green Lantern ride.
    My ideas on what the would be:
    Wonder Woman: The carts are little, gray jets (since they can’t be invisible.) The ride will go at about 65 MPH. You are brought high up, dropped a little (like the Batman teaser drop) and then do a full drop and go underground (like the mist part on Bizarro) Then, you shoot back up, go through a series of sideways turns, and then do a final loop and go down to the stopping station. Estimated time: equal to or <45 seconds

    The Flash: They have a Flashpass, but no ride for him? Do him some Justice League. (joking really lame)

    The carts are little, sideways Flash symbols, and you sit in the middle of the lightning bolt. The ride goes about 105 MPH. You start off really slow and go 116 meters into the air, and you drop. You go through a series of turns, all spiraling down in a circle until you are at ground level, and you turn to go left. You go up a small hill and drop, and then turn sideways. You go through a series of turnovers (like the triple kind on Mind Eraser) Then, to spice it up, you go underground into a mist tunnel and tumble down before spiraling upwards and go down a hill into the drop off station. Estimated time: 1:15 or more

    Green Lantern: The carts are Green Lanterns, and the are floorless. The ride would go at about 60 MPH. You start off tracing a Green Lantern ring and then go upwards and down a small drop. You spiral around in circles and then go through a series of 3 hills and then through a lantern-like loop (if not, just a regular loop is okay) Then, you slowly turn into the station. Estimated time: 45 seconds or five seconds lower or higher (40-50 seconds)

    Either do that or just make a big new ride that's not superhero themed. (My favorite is The Flash that I cam up with. That would be so fun! IMO)

  • std

    i hope they put a launch coaster!!!!!!!!!!

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  • pingpong629 .

    A queue!

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