Six Flags New England Opening Week Round Up

Six Flags New England opened up for the 2013 season on Saturday, April 13. Instead of doing an opening day trip report we thought it would be a good idea to make a round up post. Like always, a lot of things have changed at the park over the off season. This post will show you all the changes we noticed during the first few days of the park being open. The first change you will notice when you enter the park is that the roof for the 1909 Illions Carousel has been completely replaced. We”re happy to see that the park is taking care of one of their classic attractions.


After we got into the park we made a right into Whistlestop Park to check how that area came out. Since this post will already include a lot of pictures, there will only be one Whistlestop Park photo. Look for the Whistlestop Park photo gallery to be posted sometime soon.


We were going to head to Goliath next. However, the shortcut through Crack Axel Canyon has been closed off! That”s right. You can no longer cut through Main Street to the top of Crack Axel Canyon. You will now have to walk all the way down the hill on Main Street and then all the way back up the hill in Crack Axel Canyon to get to Tomahawk and Houdini. This is probably the most frustrating change the park made. We hope they will reverse this decision in the future…


So now that we had to walk down Main Street, we decided to take pictures of some new places along the path. Since the season pass processing center is now in Whistlestop Park, Six Flags decided to move the rental center into the old processing center building. This change allowed the gift shop near the entrance of the park (where the rental center was formerly located) to expand more.


Six Below has replaced the Main Street Ben and Jerry”s location.


Here is the menu for Six Below:


Also new around the park this year are these frozen lemonade stands.


Now that we are at the base of Main Street, it was time to head over to Goliath to check out the new train. At the entrance to the coaster the park has the sign letting people know that the Goliath will be closed until late Spring. We knew this would be happening so we weren”t upset. The wait will surely be worth it. OpeningDayatSFNE2013073_zpsea48f93f

Here is an up close picture of the new train posted by Bob Cornellier who runs the Six Flags New England Ultimate Facebook fan page. Be sure to like his page because he posts a lot of classic SFNE and even Riverside pictures.


Replacing the Ben and Jerry”s location in DC Superhero Adventures is a new place called “Snacks.” So yeah, that”s that.


A second Slush Factory has found it”s way into DC Superhero Adventures. In the past there has been a fried dough and soda stand here. This looks more permanent however.


Replacing the Garden Grill in Rockville (or is it in Kidzopolis? Or is it actually on Main Street. Who knows…) is Macho Nacho”s Burritos.


Essentially it is like a Moe”s or Chipotle. We”re glad to see more variety in the park.


The water shooting game next to Scream has been moved to another location in the park. This new balloon popping game has replaced it.


This is the sign for the new game. Looks like it will be called Boom Blasters. The price is actually reasonable too.


Here is where the water shooting game was relocated to.


Now for the most exciting thing happening this year… Thunderbolt is being painted! Finally!


Right now, only this half of the coaster has been painted. The good news is that Thunderbolt was open. So it looks like they will be getting the majority of the work done during the week days. We have a lot more pictures of it being repainted. Click here to see a more detailed post on Thunderbolt being painted.


The finale on Cyclone was retracked this year. While it isn”t topper track like other parts of the coaster, it still does make a difference.


This is all that remains of Catapult. Click here to read our post about it”s removal.



This last picture is just to show you what Bonzai Pipelines looks like on the 2013 park map. As you can see, the expansion to Hurricane Harbor will be a big one.


2013 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year for Six Flags New England. The only downside this year is that the shortcut to Crack Axel Canyon has been closed off and that Catapult has been removed. Stay tuned to SFNE Online for more updates through out the entire season!


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  • They also removed the m&m stairs.

    • We don’t usually park in that parking lot. In the past though, the park doesn’t put the M&M wraps until after Memorial Day weekend. I’m 95% sure that they will be back.

      • I went today and they had the m&m stairs back 🙂

        • That’s actually surprising. I wonder when they found the time to install the stickers. Thanks for the info, Dylan!

          • Kyle White

            I went the first and second day wen I left the first day they were starting to put them up by the second they were on

  • SFNE online lovah

    It’s great to see SFNE take care of their wooden coasters this year. Thunderbolt looks phenomenal, almost brand new. Wouldn’t expect a paint for another 10-12 years though. Cyclone is becoming a better ride. New tracking on the bunny hills, topper track, I’d say no Iron Horse for this fellow. Happy am I about that. On a different note, Bizarro really isn’t looking that good… My suggestion? Superman please. The audio sucks on Bizarro. As for Catapult, kind of disappointing to see the queue and old sign still standing. Mind Eraser has been running alright lately! There’s a plus! Flashback still is getting rougher. Get rid of it already. Whistlestop looks lame. But best of all, my Cyclone is looking better than ever before. <3
    –SFNE online lovah

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  • sfneonline2

    You made a miskate on this article There was never a hot dog stand in dc where the slush factory is now It used to be fried dough and a soda cart.

    • Thanks for the correction. I will update the post.

  • Blazer3012

    Goliath is still close which makes me sad. They even changed the sign to say “will reopen in the summer”