Thunderbolt Painting Update #1

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  • SFNE online lovah

    Please respond with your opinion as it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thunderbolt is looking phenomenal. I am pleased with how SFNE is taking care of their wooden coasters this season. It seems they’re very popular (Bizarro is more popular, but the others aren’t as popular as the wooden coasters there). Cyclone maybe getting the drop back in 2014/15 season. Which one? Who knows. It only matters what happens with RMC and when they’re willing to do it. Thunderbolt looks PHENOMENAL with the new paint!! Cyclone looks good too!! <3

    –SFNE online lovah

    • Cyclone isn’t getting it’s drop back anytime soon, probably never.

  • SFNE online lovah

    Look at Coasterforce’s comments on the Cyclone POV from 2 years ago. The topper track is being added there.

    • Yeah it received topper track in 2011, as did many coasters. How does that lead you to assume that the first drop is coming back?

  • SFNE online lovah

    I think coasterforce got the inside scoop about it. Here is what he said:

    wwwCOASTERFORCEcom 1 month ago

    They’ve already started giving it topper track & supposedly will continue to do so – even restoring the original first drop. We agree with the park on this way of restoring the coaster to its former glory.

    It’s semi-confirmed on Screamscape too.

    • Coaster Force never gets inside scoops. They’re just great with their POVs. It’s also not on Screamscape. I’m sorry to say that the rumors you are hearing are not true.

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