SFNE Saturday April 27th Trip Report

I made my second visit to the park this year, and just like the first trip, it was busy! Crowds were big today as it is Thrill Jam, the cheerleader event that Six Flags New England has every year. All of the coasters I went on ran as many trains as they could, which was definitely needed!

Bizarro”s line was into the farthest set of switchbacks, right before the Superman symbol section of the queue, but only took about an hour to get through when I went on. Big congrats to the ride crew who kept the line moving.

As for food, the dining pass has seemed to be a big draw so far, I”ve seen many people using it this year. Unfortunately, employees are still getting used to the pass, so lines were moving at different paces depending on the cashier. My lines moved smoothly.

Here”s some pictures from my day. A great day for riding some coasters!


Bizarro”s spaghetti bowl is full of twists and turns, including this awesome helix.5

Where the line started for my ride today.


Cyclone ran two trains, with about a 30 minute wait. It wasn”t too bad. The 2nd trims were off and I forgot whether the 1st were on or not.

8In not shocking news, Pandemonium had a full queue. I”d love to see Six Flags give this ride a new coat. Combine that with it”s great landscaping and the ride will look amazing again.


Thanks for reading my trip report!.

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