Thunderbolt Painting Update #2

We were back at Six Flags New England this weekend for the season pass holder exclusive ride time on Bizarro. We also had to make sure to check out Thunderbolt”s painting progress and Bonzai Pipelines (click here for the Bonzai Pipelines construction update). The following are our pictures of how much SFNE has painted Thunderbolt.

Coming down the hill from Crack Axel Canyon you can see how Thunderbolt sticks out against Goliath”s supports and the blue sky. A huge improvement over the eyesore that Thunderbolt was for the past few years.


At first glimpse it looks like they haven”t gotten much done. This is actually all that is left to paint.


Compare this angle to the one from our first Thunderbolt update (click here for that post).


The section coming out the station that was retracked this year has been painted as well.


This is our last picture for this update.


As you can see there really isn”t much left to paint, just that little section. We full expect Thunderbolt”s paint job to be completed this week while the park is closed. When it is completed we will obviously have an update showing off the hotness. If you haven”t gone to the park yet this season, make sure you do because pictures don”t do the paint job justice… Get out and see it in person! 🙂


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