Cyclone Construction Update #2

Another week, another update. Here is our second Cyclone construction update.  cycloneclosedentrance A lot of progress was made in the last week. Just like last week’s update, the pictures will do most of the talking.

Even more track has been removed. The brake run, station track, transfer track and track leading up to the lift hill have all been torn out. Later on in the report you will see pictures of the brake run. Since they are only keeping the supports, it is further fuel to the RMC renovation fire. cycloneclosed1 Here is a shot of the storage cubbies we mentioned last week. cycloneclosed2 I’m sure the lift hill track will be removed next. cycloneclosed3 The lamp posts along the queue path have been torn out. cycloneclosed4 Same with the boards giving riders historical information on other Six Flags wooden coasters. cycloneclosed5 We checked out the maintenance area from Tomahawk’s queue. Couldn’t really see much. Those supports that haven’t been painted white are from when Six Flags had to remove some supports to allow construction vehicles to navigate pieces of New England SkyScreamer through the access road. They have nothing to do with whatever is happening in 2015. cycloneclosedmaintenancearea This picture could be the “smoking gun.” Check out that logo… cycloneclosedrmcbobcat All of the brake run track has been taken out. cycloneclosed6 cycloneclosed7 Some support pieces laying on the ground cycloneclosed10 A large portion of the brake run has been demolished completely. This is even more evidence of a Rocky Mountain Construction renovation. Iron Rattler and Medusa both have sloped brake runs, so it looks like the new version of Cyclone may follow that trend. cycloneclosed8 Yeah, no one is gonna be riding Cyclone anytime soon! 😛 cycloneclosed9 A larger shot of the demolished portion of the brake run. I’d say about half of it was torn out. Even if they aren’t making it a sloped brake run, there is a chance that they can throw in one more extreme element. Either scenario is fine with me! Cyclone’s brake run was always on the longer side and finished rather slowly. To date, all of RMC’s creations have ended on a high note. If the RMC renovation rumor is true, then this is a good sign for Cyclone! cycloneclosed13 Leftover footers from the brake run. cycloneclosed12 This path is part of the original queue for Cyclone. If the rumor about New England Skyway is true, then we may see this become part of the queue for Cyclone again. cycloneclosed11

That’s it for this week’s update! Click here for our third update. There are only a few weeks remaining until we know what’s really happening to Cyclone. The 2015 announcements for the entire Six Flags chain is on August 28


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  • Shane

    For me, very depressing to see this. Love the updates though. We’re following this very well.

  • Camthedominator

    You know what, I am willing to bet money at this rate that Cyclone will become Iron Cyclone.