Cyclone Construction Update #4

Cyclone construction update, week #4. Track is now on site and more of the coaster has been taken down.

Today is National Roller Coaster Day. To celebrate, SFNE had a ton of cool special events going on. One of the cool things they did was put the front car of one of Cyclone’s trains out at the entrance for a photo op.


Now here are some pictures of the major changes that occurred to Cyclone since our last update. The lift hill has pretty much disappeared.


Through the loop:


This looks completely bizarre, doesn’t it?


The first drop has also been removed.


Here is where the track was removed from last week’s update:



Some sort of groundwork is happening here:


The RMC steel cross beams go all the way to the lift.


Speaking of the lift… This is all that’s left of it:


Sorry about the blurriness. This is what the station looks like currently.


From the outside of the park:


Wait, what’s that in the foreground?


From the sidewalk on Main Street… Looks like some sort of orange metal…


Could it be…?


Rocky Mountain Construction’s steel I-Box track is now on site at Six Flags New England. It looks like Cyclone will follow in the footsteps of Iron Rattler, Medusa Steel Coaster, and Goliath with having orange track. I know a lot of people, myself included, were hoping for a nice blue track. Oh well.


Here is the most recent teaser the park posted to Twitter:

Personally, I’m loving these teasers. They are simple, yet ominous. I don’t know about you but it sort of seems like chronologically this one comes before the one last week. What if they’re releasing the teasers in reverse order, ending with the name of 2015’s new attraction? Or am I so excited that I am overthinking it? We’ll know for sure on August 28.

We’re trying to do these updates weekly. So be sure to look out sometime next weekend for our fifth update!

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  • Luis Neves

    Orange track… What were they thinking?

    • Who knows? Blue or even red would’ve looked much better. Oh well.

    • IndyWorker

      the different colors vary in price with the orange being the least expensive of all available keep in mind we are still getting one more coaster before 2019….

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  • sfnecoolkid

    I know! Why orange? Now it will basically look the exact same as all the others mentioned in the article. Blue would look great! Especially with the USA theme Cyclone has. Combine that look with the 4th of july-screamer and youve got a pretty patriotic park!

  • jordanlikescoasters1989

    orange track on white wood looks really weird and dumb…

  • Camthedominator

    So, any thoughts on where the old trains will go.

    • Probably no where. None of the other Six Flags parks shipped off their old trains.

    • IndyWorker

      hopefully in the trash where they belong!…..

  • friedbacon3

    i think its gonna be named hurricane

    • I’m more than sure that it’s going to have Cyclone somewhere in the name.

  • friedbacon3

    i really hoped for blue tracks though :/

  • Camthedominator

    I think that Six Flags may decide to make a memorial for the coaster in the queue line kind of like what they did with Zumanjaro Drop of Doom.