New England SkyScreamer is going backwards!

Ride New England SkyScreamer backwards during this years Fright Fest!


Six Flags New England announced today that they will be turning the seats around on their newest attraction, New England SkyScreamer! That’s right, you will be able to swing 400 ft. in the air backwards!

Here are the details:

Are you brave enough to tackle the over 400ft record breaking swings? Think you can do it again backwards? During Fright Fest, weekends from 09/20 to 11/02, the New England SkyScreamer will be turning up the thrill to make one epic adventure in the skies. The seats of the swings will be turned around, making you fly up 400ft, traveling over 35mph, gazing at the New England Skyline backwards.

This is definitely a unique experience. Are you brave enough? I know that I cannot wait to try this out! Wonky Wabbits Slot-Theme by Johanna Miller (johanna88) on Mobypicture

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