Wicked Cyclone is coming to Six Flags New England in 2015!

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  • JL Roberts Jr.

    I think this is a monstrous ride! I’m amazed by what RMC is doing.

  • Paul

    I can’t wait to ride this! It looks wicked awesome!!!! See what I did there. HaHa.

  • Zeb

    I just want a full on ride pov

  • Luis Neves

    I wonder if there’s going to be a lift hill topper like the one on Texas Giant. That would be a nice touch.

  • zach

    I would go on that. would they have the season pass holders go on first?

    • Most likely, yes! Every ride since Gotham City Gauntlet has had a season pass preview weekend. I’m sure Wicked Cyclone will be no different!

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  • Luis Neves

    Does anyone know if the wheels are going to be bare steel or polyurethane-coated?

    • Just got an answer from the park. They will be using urethane composite wheels. Since you seem to know more about coaster wheels than me, do you know what this means?

      • Luis Neves

        Bare steel wheels are used on most wooden coasters, and contribute to part of the traditional “wooden” feel.

        Polyurethane wheels are typically found on steel coasters, and give a smoother ride. However, they have higher friction, so the ride will lose speed more quickly. El Toro uses them, which is one of the reasons people say it feels like a steel coaster.

        • So what’s urethane composite then? Because I specifically asked the park if it was steel or polyurethane. I thought since Wicked Cyclone will be shorter, they would have to use something other than polyurethane. Is a urethane composite the same as plain old polyurethane?

          I also know that SFNE’s Goliath uses nylon, so that’s another difference. Wheels are confusing. Haha.

          • Luis Neves

            I’m pretty sure that means a mixture of polyurethane and another material. I’m not sure how that will effect the ride, though.

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  • Dominick Menifee

    when are ya’ll going to start showing pov’s ?

    • Six Flags New England has told us that they currently do not have an animated POV for Wicked Cyclone. Once they have one, we will post.

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  • donald capomolla

    cant what to fucking ride this when it comes out its going to be fucking sick.

  • darren

    This ride tho. Can’t wait!

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