Canobie Lake Park to remove Equinox

Canobie Lake Park plans to remove their newest attraction, Equinox.


Picture credit: New Whalom, mrceagle

Sad news out of Canobie this week… The park has announced that their newest addition, Equinox, will be closing. After personally talking to the rides manager, Ryan DeMaria, earlier this week, the future of the ride was not looking bright. The park has made multiple attempts to get the ride running reliably ever since it was introduced at the end of the 2012 season. The trouble hasn’t been worth is as Canobie has finally decided to call it quits. canobieequinox6 Equinox has had all sorts of different problems ever since it opened in late 2012. The park’s first inverting flat ride was added to attract thrill seekers away from Six Flags. Tango (the name the manufacturer KMG calls this model) was originally operating in a fair circuit that traveled in the surrounding areas of London. Many die hard Canobie fans were actually disappointed by the decision that park made in adding a used fair ride. The park spent very little time re-theming the ride to make it fit into it’s location. It has hideous carnival back drops and loud music that drowns out the carousel. Essentially, the addition of Equinox was like a massive culture clash. The parks decision to give it the boot will hopefully put the carousels classic organ music back on the midway. equinoxbackdrop Riders have also complained a lot about the painful restraints. As you can see, they aren’t very comfortable. canobieequinox4

What could replace it?

As probably a lot of you know, the previous ride that sat in Equinox’s space was their amazingly run, Matterhorn. The Matterhorn ride left for good after being SBNO (standing but not operating) in the 2006 season. (Just like Equinox! Haha.) For those unfamiliar with what a Matterhorn is, just look at Kontiki in Six Flags New England. Kontiki is similar but not exactly the same. Matterhorn was closed due it being a huge drain on maintenance. Many people, including me, are really hoping for a new SBF Matterhorn. Seeing a replica or something just like it would be an awesome addition to such a retro park. The original Matterhorn was hands down the best of it’s kind in New England! Another possible replacement many fans are hoping for is a Zamperla Air Race. Now that Equinox is closed, there is once again zero inverting flat rides. An Air Race will fill this void perfectly. Anyone will tell you that they’re quite thrilling while also still having a family friendly aspect to it. I’m also pretty sure that these rides can run two totally different programs; one will invert you multiple times, the other one will never turn you on your head. These rides can also be easily themed to anything. Adding a simple retro-like theme to an Air Race would be a perfect addition. Here is a picture of the one at Luna Park: airrace With this new problem on the park’s hands, let’s hope they take their time and add something that has good capacity and will remain reliable. If Canobie was looking to replace Equinox with a new ride in 2015 (which they should if they want to compete with what SFNE is adding), we could possibly see them do another fall addition. With all the orange survey markers around the Corkscrew and Castaway Island area, we may see another big expansion. canobieequinox5

What do you all think? Was this a wise decision? Did you get the chance to ride it?.

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  • Adam

    I rode this. The seats were uncomfortable, but it was an extreme ride

    • jeff long

      Got home from there today and came on to see if I could find what happened to this ride. I too was fortunate enough to get to check it out the year it arrived. I agree with you . The seats were awful. And not built for anyone over 115 . Otherwise a amazing ride.

  • Camthedominator

    Ok, so my idea is that they remove the buildings behind Equinox and chip into some of the parking lot to create a bigger space for a proper roller coaster of sorts. Of course they could also try installing a drop ride of sorts in the same place (S&S double shot, Intamin gyro drop).

  • Shane

    Equinox has been giving the park s*** since day one. I’d say Canobie made the right choice to say “good riddance!” to Equinox because they’d be spending another million at least in repairs.

    Where do I think it’ll be going, the scrap heap. Watch SFNE buy it lol. Another unreliable ride! Thought they already dealt with that with Catapult once. Hah!

    Camthedominator, there are two things wrong with your statement. One, Canobie is stuck with a 80 ft Height barrier, so nothing can be built above that height. Secondly, THEY ALREADY HAVE A DROP RIDE! Lol, the starblaster!

    What I think will replace it: Honestly, I see the Hot Dog stand coming back until a good, reliable ride can replace. I’d like to see a Matterhorn, but Canobie has thoroughly expressed their hatred towards that ride. Air Race, but rumor is Quassy might get one.

  • friedbacon3

    has anyone heard of the twister rumor? i’ve heard that canobie might buy the old twister ride from sfne. thats what they could replace equinox with

    • I would say the chances of that happening at 5%.

      • friedbacon3

        yeah i didnt think it would actually happen i was just stating it

        • I’m pretty sure that rumor actually originated from our forum but I’m not positive. I think someone threw it out as a wild guess and then the next day it was on Screamscape. Haha.

  • sfnecoolkid

    theyll never draw me away from sfne!!!!! And if they use twister to draw them away, thats just ironic

  • Kourtney

    Your article kind of slams the Equinox. Regardless of the sh*tty job Canobie did presenting it, it was still a great ride. I’m a little too old for Canobie, and I agree that Canobie should stick to the baby/tweenie rides as it’s a family park, but the Equinox was awesome. I was pissed it wasn’t there and probably won’t ever go back since none of their rides are that thrilling. Six Flags and Canobie will never be comparable, as they are for totally different audiences, but I will admit, (1) The Yankee Cannonball is WAY better than the Cyclone, and (2) the lack of trees and anything natural is annoying at SFNE while the atmosphere at Canobie is very nice. If I’m looking to have fun though….. Six Flags it is.

  • Dan Thorpe

    What gets me is the fact that Canobie are saying about the state of the ride… no wrong… Before Canobie brought Equinox from the Crow family it was one of the best presented machines on the UK Fair Circuit. The down fall of this fantastic machine was down to Canobie not the state of the ride as it arrived. The Crow family had that ride running flawlessly since 2002 when it debuted, being taken apart and built up and always giving a ride like it was brand new, I was mortified when i head Equinox was being taken from UK Soil so go to a Amusement Park, i am now horrified that this “well established park” can’t even keep a KMG machine in working order.

    • Greg

      WELL said, I agree completely.

  • Danielle Kern

    I was just reminded of this article because I was wearing my equinox shirt today. I’m from florida and visited my dad up in new hampshire. I was super excited for this ride because I’ve never been on one like it. unfortunately, it was closed down when we went. a lot of the park employees I talked to said that it being closed wasn’t uncommon at all. although it made me sad, I’m glad the park is acknowledging that it’s problematic and they’re moving forward with change. something that I thought was kind of funny though is that the park’s gift shops were completely filled with equinox souvenirs yet there weren’t many opportunities to ride it.

  • Aimee

    I never got to ride it, so bummed. Can’t believe they can’t make it work ride but then again all of their other rides are super rough compared to six flags. The 2 coasters they have nearly give me a concussion every time, hmm, maybe they did give me a concussion, at least once! Six flags doesn’t really have any good thrill rides either, just the coasters….