Poll: Remove the audio from Bizarro or keep it?

Bizarro’s audio… A controversial topic. The audio has been somewhat of a mess ever since Bizarro opened in 2009. There have been seemingly pointless changes in the audio. Issues with the audio skipping in and out and problems with the speakers crackling in your ears. Issues with the audio blasting random rock songs for no reason. There are also times when the audio doesn’t work at all. People often complain about how the speakers block your view on the ride. Most people dislike the way the audio box removes a row of seats.

So yeah… it’s a mess. Do you think Six Flags New England should remove the audio and speakers from the train? Or do you think they should keep trying to make it work? Vote in our poll. Update: June 1 – this poll has closed. The results are below.

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  • DylanBIZARRO

    I think if they cannot manage to take care of it, then yes. I love the audio aspect. It gives a sense of adrenaline going up the lift. But, they cannot fix it, so they should just take it out and put speakers on the lift and brakes.

  • Dennis

    Get rid of it. Even when it’s working it adds nothing to the ride.

  • Jake

    Wasent working on both trains on Friday. No point in keeping it.

    • BJ Selavka

      Did the audio is working only 1 train on May 18, 2014?

      • Icantreadyourpost


        • BJ Selavka

          Bizarro needs the Audio for 2015 Season.

  • BJ Selavka

    I’m voted say No.