Let's talk about those Iron Cyclone rumors

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  • Camthedominator

    Even though the whole Iron Horse treatment would be cool in all, I would miss Cyclone. It would be a huge loss to the park considering it wouldn’t be a full fledged wooden coaster. In my opinion, they should just make the first drop larger (similar to the way it was before 2001) and put in some 90 degree turns. Also, I think it would be a pity to see it loose its iconic white color.

    • It could be the first full topper track renovation for all we know. But I do agree that it would suck being down to only one wooden coaster.

      As for the part in your comment about losing its iconic white color… This would be the first RMC renovation with painted supports so it will be interesting to see what they do with that. I assume they will make sure everything is repainted white but who knows with Six Flags. Haha.

      • Luis Neves

        Well, they repainted the Thunderbolt (to my pleasant surprise).

      • Bizzaro

        This will be the first coaster closing to get the (iron) treatment in July. And the others like the new giant and the iron rattler.

  • Camthedominator

    Oh, and did anyone notice the resemblance between Cyclone and the roller coaster in the ACE logo?

    • Luis Neves

      If I’m not mistaken, the coaster on the logo is supposed to be the Cyclone at Lakeside.

  • Paul

    This sounds wicked cool!!!!! Cyclone sucks as it is so Anythng would be better than what it’s now.

    • Paul

      Lololol look I desecirbed this rumor as wicked cool And the rumor turned out to be WICKED cyclone

  • Camthedominator

    Hey guys, but if you haven’t heard the news, Cyclone is shutting down in August this year. This could mean we have further proof to backup the rumor.

  • Camthedominator

    Well if you will excuse me, I will be hiding in the corner thinking about how embarrassing this will be in the future O.o

    • HAH! Don’t worry about it. You aren’t even a member of the forum yet, are you?

  • Camthedominator

    Sadly, no I am not. I have yet to become more integrated into this ecosystem.

    • You should definitely join. If you like the content on the homepage then you’ll like the forum even more.

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  • IndyWorker

    and announced today it will close July 20th for good its being retired wow i wonder whats going to go there next?>>>>> lol

  • Joe McKeown

    Screw that keep cyclone,the coaster holds a history,my parents rode cyclone first year it was opened,I want my kids to experience the same rush they did minus 20ft ant 10 mph like I did,sad to see thunderbolt outlasted cyclone whats up with that!!!! Im a enthusiast love cyclone,if six flags took care of their rides better stuff like this wouldnt happen

    • luann

      They can’t get rid of thunder it is historical and can’t be removed

  • matthew

    Maybe there will level the entire ride and start from scratch.

  • IndyWorker

    all my coaster friends it’s no secret at this point!…at 7:48 am while
    driving thru Suffield Ct into Agawam Ma and past SFNE on my way home
    from Enfield Ct i drove right by a Rocky Mountain Construction vehicle
    pulling out of the maintenance entrance by Cyclone…long live Iron
    Cyclone bitches!~

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  • The rumor is true! Learn about the all new Wicked Cyclone here: http://sfneonline.org/2014/08/28/wicked-cyclone-six-flags-2015/

  • Paul

    Cool it was true! Reading this post after know wicked cyclone is coming is odd.

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