El Diablo is coming to Six Flags Great Adventure, new name for Looping Dragon

El Diablo is coming to Six Flags Great Adventure! The park has decided to rename and retheme their newest coaster thrill ride.


Today, Six Flags Great Adventure announced that they would be changing the name of Looping Dragon to El Diablo. The ride was originally announced in the fall of 2014 with an Asian-inspired moniker and location in the Golden Kingdom section, the park’s 13th coaster was re-imagined by park management who opted for a more “devilish” theme. Now the ride will be classified as a Plaza Del Carnaval ride.


I must say, the new name is very fitting with El Toro. Park President, John Fitzgerald, said, “El Diablo is the perfect addition to Plaza del Carnaval, as it appeals to both thrill seekers and families alike. Rides like El Toro and Tango attract a wide audience to this area, which also provides ample opportunities for dining, shopping and relaxation from the excitement of the world’s largest theme park.”

El Diablo is set to open this spring, and will have a 48-inch height requirement to ride.

What do you think about the new name?

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  • David Houston

    I think that El Diablo is a great name and much better than Looping Dragon, but I wish they would drop the ‘Looping Coaster’ tag line from the name. Looks like fun, I’ll ride it, but a looping coaster it is not.