This is what happened when bears get ahold of a fire hose

Two European brown bears get ahold of a fire hose, what happened next will shock you.

I had to do it. I have been waiting for the perfect oppurtinity to mock the big sites who make clickbait headlines. This video was just too cute and too perfect not to. Sorry, Park Journey. 😉


Four-year-old European brown bear cubs Spot and Scarlett play with feeder cubes made from donated fire hose. The brother and sister duo roll the sturdy cubes until edible treats tumble out of the holes.

In December, the Robbinsville Fire Department delivered 4,000 feet of defective fire hose to Six Flags Safari. Since that time, Six Flags’ animal care team has worked diligently to create fun and useful animal enrichment materials from the hose such as swings, perches, balls and more. Hose2Habitat, a Maryland-based non-profit that partners fire departments with zoos and animal sanctuaries to recycle surplus hose, helped facilitate the donation.

Hopefully the other animals in the safari are having a great time with their piece of the fire hose too!


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