Wicked Cyclone trains arrive at Six Flags New England!

The moment everyone has been waiting for… Wicked Cyclone trains arrive at Six Flags New England!

Six Flags New England posted the following images to their Instagram and Twitter pages.

Here it is everyone:


Closeup of the front plate of the orange Wicked Cyclone train. It’s worth noting that the other train will be blue, though we aren’t sure what will be different on the blue other than the actual seats.


There seems to have been a lot of confusion surrounding the head on the front of Wicked Cyclone’s trains. Well, we got this issue cleared up with the park. According to them, the image on the front of the train is a God-like face that in mythology associates him with weather phenomena such as thunder, lightning, rain and wind. So he’s not Zeus like some people have speculated. The C.H.A.S.E (Cyclone Hunters & Storm Enthusiasts) Team, selected this weather god as their logo, which is found on all C.H.A.S.E vehicles. According to the park, the train is in fact a C.H.A.S.E. vehicle.

You can see the logo in the concept art for the station. It makes sense that the train is a C.H.A.S.E. vehicle as it will be located in the C.H.A.S.E. Command Center.


Now here is an overview of the entire train. As you can see, it features lap bars with shin restraints to keep you safely secured when going through the three inversions. There will also be a seatbelt.


Lastly, here are some closeup pictures of the details on the train.



It goes without saying that Wicked Cyclone has the most beautiful looking trains in the park! Which train design do you think is better – Twisted Colossus’s (see The Coaster Guy’s post here) or Wicked Cyclone’s?

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