Superman: The Ride Update #1

Superman is starting to come back as SFNE has begun work on transforming the iconic coaster back into the heroic icon. This is Superman: The Ride Update #1.

Superman The Ride Key Art

Well here we are, our first update for Superman: The Ride. Six Flags New England closed this past weekend and the park has already been hard-at-work getting the purple paint off of Bizarro in order to transform it back into Superman. Let’s take a look at what has been done so far.

The entrance/locker building has been repainted.


Here’s a closer look. I never really minded the yellow at the entrance, but it’s nice to see the blue back. The yellow on the side of the building is also new, previously it was purple.


I can’t wait to see the Superman logo back here.


Now let’s check out what’s been done in the queue and station.


The lampposts have been repainted. Also, notice how the blue support in the foreground has some paint scraped off of it. They are sandblasting the existing paint down to the original paint job. You’ll see more of this later on in the update.


The things on the station, (seriously, I have no idea what to call these. The original concept art for Superman: Ride of Steel showed them as kryptonite shards, but they were never the right color, so not sure what they’re going for there) have been repainted red.


It sort of looks like they’re testing out different shades of red on them.


Now into the station. I’d love to have that massive Bizarro figure in there for my room. I also can’t wait to see what SFNE does with the station in terms of theming. If Wicked Cyclone is any indication of what direction the park is heading, there’s a lot of potential.


Will Superman: The Ride ever win a Golden Ticket again?


The rafters have new paint.


Now for the good stuff. Let’s take a look at what’s been done with the track so far. Here’s the track in the S-Shields. It looks like the purple paint was just blasted right off of it. The red underneath the purple looks like it’s in great condition. Why Six Flags (specifically Red Zone management) ever thought it was a good idea to repaint a Superman coaster purple is beyond me.


More red paint in the turn into the brake run.


Nothing has been done to the brake run yet.


Most of the work has been focused on the overbanked turn area of the coaster’s layout.


It’s nice seeing the red and blue again!


Here are some more random pictures:





I can’t wait to see the red and blue drop again.


It’ll be interesting to see what they do with what used to be the cardboard cutout of Bizarro over the first tunnel.



The red looks fantastic! I can’t wait for the new coat of paint to be applied.



This is a good example showing off the spots where the purple didn’t come off as easily.



That does it for our first Superman: The Ride update. Be sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram to be updated with Superman pictures in between our updates. Also, be on the lookout for Fireball updates throughout the off season. See you soon!

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