Superman: The Ride Update #3

The track has been completely repainted. Here is Superman: The Ride Update #3.

superman update 3 005_zpsdwyerfmw

It appears as if Superman’s track has been completely repainted since our last update a month ago. The red is really vibrant.

superman update 3 010_zpsacysvdr2

It’s been uncharacteristically warm in New England this month. This caused a big haze on the Connecticut River. Normally the fog would make for cool-looking pictures, but since we’re trying to get shots of Superman’s new paint, it makes things a bit hard to see.

superman update 3 011_zpstr484jay

At least you can see how shiny the red is.

superman update 3 012_zpsstpkjahx

So. Much. Fog.

superman update 3 006_zpsqrhztxrv

superman update 3 008_zpsmo34oodk

The spaghetti bowl is looking good!

superman update 3 009_zpsaejjtssg

superman update 3 004_zps63whnwge

Honestly, the red looks sooooooo much better than that ugly purple.

superman update 3 003_zpsuldwxv5f

Our last picture has nothing to do with Superman or Six Flags. The trails along the Connecticut River that we take these pictures from are really beautiful. You never know what you might see when walking on them…

superman update 3 002_zpsxrocr008


That does it for our third Superman: The Ride update. Be sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram to be updated with Superman pictures in between our updates. Also, be on the lookout for Fireball updates throughout the off season. See you soon!

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