Six Flags Membership Passes Q & A with Six Flags New England

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  • Prakash Prasad

    Hey, do you know if bring a friend for free days or for a discounted price would only be at the home park or would you be given that privilege for each participating park’s own specified days?

  • Miguel albino

    If I purchase a diamond elite membership do I still have to pay admission to enter the park

  • Ana

    If I have a diamond elite or diamond pass can I enter with my 4 year old with the pass for free, get his ticket discounted, or do I have to pay full price.. & if I do have to pay full price how much are the tickets for a boy of his age?

  • I have six flags gold season pass, not membership. My gold souniveer bottle got stolen from the stroller. I have premium dining pass. Can I get a replacement bottle? I asked at the park, they said I have to pay full price to replace it.