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Lake Compounce Announces Bear Creek Campground

Lake Compounce has announced the addition of Bear Creek Campground. We first heard about this project a while back when they went to the town to seek approval for it. The 15-acre campground will...

Cyclone Construction Update #1

While the coaster has been closed for just one week, it’s time for our first Cyclone construction update!

Cyclone at Six Flags New England is closing

After operating for 31 years, Cyclone at Six Flags New England is closing on July 20. Cyclone opened exactly 31 years ago on June 24, 1983. The wild and intense ride has been adored for decades...

Farewell Cyclone

Well, it’s over. 31 years have come and gone so fast for many enthusiasts. Last Sunday, Cyclone closed at Six Flags New England.

Poll: Remove the audio from Bizarro or keep it?

Bizarro’s audio… A controversial topic. The audio has been somewhat of a mess ever since Bizarro opened in 2009. There have been seemingly pointless changes in the audio. Issues with the audio skipping in and out...