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  1. depotrat
    depotrat skiburkesurfjay
    Nice talking to you yesterday. We left right after we rode WC. Enjoyed both our rides on WC. I think it is running better than last season. No vibrations or noises this year yet.
  2. depotrat
    depotrat BizarroAj
    So what is all this drama really about? I am so oblivious to it as it seemed to come from nowhere.. I just read the forum and make some comments from time to time. Is the site in jeopardy?
    Anything you tell me is off the record and I will not repeat it - just wondering.
  3. depotrat
    depotrat WiCy#1
    Been on here from the beginning. I didn't see this coming. Guess I am oblivious. Josh isn't my fav and I did not vote for him for ACE office either, but what is this all about? Anything you tell me is off the record. I think you know all I want is to chat about coasters and try to help younger enthusiasts with some info I gained from years in the hobby. I would hate to see the site go.
  4. Tim Theissen
    Tim Theissen
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  5. JakeTheAxman
    JakeTheAxman DylanBIZARRO
    Likes his Chinese food
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  6. cdbrooks
    follow my insta @coaster.maniac_
  7. jackwatson89
    being healthy!!!!!!
  8. Dr. Gigglez
    Dr. Gigglez
    I did ! It was pretty awesome and thank you for Bday wish !!
  9. mrceagle
    mrceagle Dr. Gigglez
    Wanted to send am message and wish you a Happy Birthday. hope you enjoyed yourself at the party yesterday.
  10. depotrat
    depotrat Dr. Gigglez
    I have never seen this forum so vibrant and active in the dead of winter. You have done a really good job since you have assumed leadership.
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    2. Dr. Gigglez
      Dr. Gigglez
      I am trying to get something we love so much, continue to make sure we have something that lives on forever ! I appreciate the kind words !
      Jan 27, 2018
  11. Doris R Looney
    Doris R Looney
    I counsel people at Written from a woman’s perspective rather than a medical professional
  12. Jmariexo
    Excited for #SFNE2017 See you monday
  13. mrceagle
    mrceagle nm1234567890
    I was going through old posts and noticed you haven't been around in while. Hope all is well.
  14. RC17
    Coaster Enthusiast, hat collector, film nut.
  15. mrceagle
    The site keep the speculation threads under wraps until the park opened. It allowed people to post ideas and any sightings around the park.