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Decisions in the Viewpoint of an owner.

Discussion in 'If I Ran The Park...' started by CannonballLover, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. CannonballLover


    Jun 4, 2013
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    I thought this would be clever. If you dislike this topic, my apologies.

    After attending the park 3 times so far, I have began thinking in the position that I was owner.
    I thought this would be fun. I will do 1 ride a day. Feel free to join in the fun with your ideas.

    1. The Conversion from Superman to Bizarro.

    In every situation, there are always people who think of pros only, cons only, and a bit of both. The final decision comes to the owner/manager. Here's what I picture the meeting would be.

    So, let's start on a good note, shall we? There are much fewer of those.

    Riders experience a new feeling with audio headrests. Music fitting in with the ride atmosphere could be implanted into the trains. It would also bring in new up-to-date technology.
    2. Riders can experience special effects, such as fire, shields, buildings, and more.
    3. This could make up for the Dark Knight coaster which couldn't be fully approved.

    A problem could be painting over pre-existing paint can make the park lose lots of money trying to cover the past and stay with the present and future.
    2. Audio boxes could be maintenance nightmare. Being uncommon on rides, wires can maybe cause technical difficulties.
    3. Could we potentially make the track rougher by extra weight on the train because of the audio box and headrests? How much can the track withstand without getting rougher?
    4. Could the ride possibly lose #1 in the world status because of these reasons?
    5. We'd lose lots of money where we can actually build a new ride instead of trying to theme and possibly ruin the best ride on the planet? Don't touch what isn't broken!

    We will invest in a new ride! Superman will remain superman! :)

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