Grove Show Tomorrow At 8:30 Pm - 10/18/18

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    Good evening boys & Ghouls!

    I try to give updates time to time with The Grove Show!

    Lots of cool things have been going on behind the scenes! We have been experimenting with new videos, some not as great as others, but some are awesome!

    The cool thing this year is, more and more places are inviting us to cover their attractions big and small!

    This week we are going to talk about some of them!

    Now if your a fan of Haunted houses, this week, in particular, is going to be amazing!

    FactoryOf Terror Invited us & Feartown is setting up the final stages for Extreme Fears with us filming!

    We will dive deep into these and other items listed below!

    * Kentucky Kingdom Turn Of Events
    * Six Flags New England Fright Fest & ACE Event
    * Sandy Lake Amusement Park
    * Factory OF Terror: Worcester
    * Feartown: Extreme Fears
    * Haunt Reviews & More!

    Remember that this is a live show and you can always watching it after and comment and we will always comment back!

    During the live show, it becomes a lot of fun!

    Now don't forget to join us live & SUBSCRIBE! we are currently 22 away from 600 SUBSCRIBERS!

    I know a lot of people get confused as to why the Grove Show YOUTUBE PAGE is the SFNEOnline YOUTUBE PAGE!

    We made the Grove Show YOUTUBE the SFNEOnline one because we had more content and more views, etc on that one so we renamed it SFNEOnline TV!

    We are going to be testing out different content and it's up to everybody that loves SFNEOnline to comment on the videos! Even if you don't like it, we need to know in the comment section of the video! I know people are afraid you might offend me or someone, but I am asking for the feedback and I can handle it! Everybody has given us awesome ideas after we did the survey on the forums!

    This website was built by fans for fans! and we always want to have people contribute, help out when they can! We are a great community of fans for SFNEOnline and I want to keep it that way!

    Never be afraid to watch a video and say you love it or hate it! That's how we know if you guys want more of that! hell even if you don't want to comment thumbs up or down works, just so we know that its good or not!

    Over the next few weeks, we are really going to reach out to those who want to be part of SFNEOnline as we look for people that can help us with various needs we have!

    Thank you for reading my rambling and you can click the video link and watch the show live or after it has aired!

    Always, thank you, everybody!

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