No Grove Show On 9/13/18

Discussion in 'The Grove Show' started by Dr. Gigglez, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Just a reminder and a heads up that The Grove Show will not be airing live on 9/13/18

    I will be IN Canada and going to Roller Coasters Eh at Canadas Wonderland and doing tourist stuff!

    How ever we have blogs and videos going up all week long!

    Videos Coming :

    * Golden Ticket Awards
    * Vlog # 17 Riding A Bull & Some Coasters
    * Behind The Scenes Tour of Kingda KA & Bizarro

    Now we will be doing live videos from Canada on FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE SO make sure you are subscribed to SFNEOnline's YOUTUBE Channel which is SFNEOnline TV

    I know there is confusion because the link says the real grove show , but Its SFNEOnline's YOUTUBE!

    We just put everything there from The Grove Show, To VLOGS, Media Days, etc

    If you have no idea what I am talking about and are new here, head to : and you can find all these videos coming over the week as well as other stuff like The Grove Show a Video PODCAST!

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