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Ptr: Sfgadv 11/9/2017

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by nitro1118, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. nitro1118


    Apr 27, 2015
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    Visited the park today for the first time since either late July/early August. I've had today circled for awhile as I work 13hr shifts on Saturdays/Sundays, so visiting the park after Labor Day is kind of difficult to arrange. With November being notorious for extremely low crowds, I was very excited to see that the park would be open today. Anyway...


    -When I arrived at 4:45pm there were ZERO employees at the parking lot entrance. We drove right thru the gates. It was probably the most bizzare thing I have ever experienced at GAdv.

    -Besides JL around 5pm (which we skipped until later in the night when it was a walkon), ride lines were completely non-existent. No coaster that we rode had anyone in line besides the first row and a couple random rows. If I wasn't with my girlfriend and step son I could have done serious marathoning.

    -El Toro was running fantastic despite the chilly weather. The ride I got in the magic seat was the smoothest Toro ride I've gotten in probably 5 years. The very last row had the typical potholes in the turnaround and a few spots afterwards. Excellent ride as always. Got 2 rides on it.

    -Got on KK twice, including only a 5min wait for front row. I forgot how unbelievable front row is at night. The lights that run down the launch make it a very disorienting experience. 3rd row was shaky but tolerable.

    -Got 1 ride on Batman. Running as well as it always has.

    -Got 1 ride on Nitro. Was a tad sluggish but like El Toro it gave the smoothest ride I've had on it in many years. Zero rattle whatsoever. Night time rides on Nitro are always great.

    -Finished our night with 2 rides on JL. Got a new high score of 168,000. I have no idea how people are managing 400k scores although I was happy with my results tonight.

    -I loved the atmosphere of the park tonight. It was almost strictly well-behaved families; a stark contrast to the FF crowds of just 2 weeks ago.

    -Most decorations for HITP seem to be up. I couldn't do too much looking around as we had only 3 hours to eat and do as much riding as possible. I can't wait to FINALLY get to HITP after missing out the last few years.

    A couple pics I randomly took to spice up this TR:

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  2. depotrat


    Oct 14, 2010
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    ^Pretty much the same on Friday. Temps in mid-high 30's made for a small crowd. Slow start for the park with not much open at 11, but they eventually got all open except KK. We were surprised that ET opened and actually had our best ride of the year on it. Nitto was the last to open close to 3 PM. We rode once and it was our best ride of 2017 on that one too! By 4 PM the sun was going down, the wind was picking up, the temps were falling and it was time to go!! LOL

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