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    Good afternoon everybody!

    I wanted to take some time out to thank everybody! We started reviving the forums and more and more people are joining, more and more are helping build this awesome SFNEOnline Community!

    I wanted to also give some updates for 2019!

    * FACEBOOk is now over 2K Followers! That you everybody it really means a lot!

    * YOUTUBE is currently sitting at 620 SUBSCRIBERS and keeps growing so again thank you for that. Speaking of YOUTUBE as we will always continue with SFNEOnline's Grove Show, WE have another podcast and its own YOUTUBE channel debuting in JAN 2019! It will be called The Hauntapolooza Podcast. During the Halloween Season, more and more Haunted Attractions contacted us to review their haunts, help them promote their haunts and have been building a lot of great working relationships. The entire point of this YOUTUBE Channel is to not over saturate SFNEOnline with Constant Halloween related topics all year long! I know people only care about Halloween leading up to the Halloween Season at Theme Parks! So this channel is dedicated to it all year long and already built a team of people to help in running this particular YOUTUBE Channel, along with their Social Media Presence . You will see us makes some posts on the forums as well as SFNEOnlines FACEBOOK and other Social Media Pages , but when appropriate .

    SFNEOnline's YOUTUBE is going to keep experimenting with different types of videos and content and its up to you the viewers to help us decide to keep doing it or not. I have received awesome feed back from everybody that comments on videos or messages me or talks to me in person, people are willing to give the constructive criticisms and I personally do not take the bad stuff to heart, It helps us Direct SFNEOnline in the direction that one feels right, keeps me being true to myself, but at the same time helps this community build together and benefits everybody else that is a fan!

    We are also looking to add people that would like to help SFNEOnline with making vlog videos, write articles for the main page , being a guest on The Grove Show and helping make VLOGS for the channel in terms of parks we cover or local New England attractions, plus theme park food reviews and more!

    If this interests you , by all means shoot me a message here! I want to build an arsenal of content creators to be on our team, as we all know this can not be a one man job and seeing who wants to step into certain rolls here!

    * The Grove Show Returns for its 8th Season in 2019! Return dates is January 10, 2019 at 8 PM! Then we are off air for two weeks as I take off on a cruise. There will still be live updates from the cruise on Social Media and YOUTUBE!

    We are working to be able to bring you even more content in 2019, but if you have ideas that we do not currently cover or things we should be discussing, please leave a comment down below!

    Again lets Welcome The Hauntapolooza PODCAST to the SFNEOnline Family!

    Thank you everyone!

    Happy New Year and see ya'll in 2019!!!
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