The Grove Show Returns From Coaster Con 6/27/18

Discussion in 'The Grove Show' started by Dr. Gigglez, Jun 26, 2018.

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    I wanted to send everybody a short note here on the site about this week's Grove Show!

    I am doing it on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week due to Pintastic Pinball Show that starts Thursday, So I'll be doing it live from my hotel room at 8 PM this week! Time could change and I know it's going to mess people up lol

    I have two options to go live. My laptop, but the internet is really slow on WIFI there. I can do it on my phone and USE my Data and that is fine. If I use my phone I won't be playing any videos from Coaster Con, but we will talk about that, The election experience, as well as upcoming events and stuff!

    If I have to sue my phone right before we go live I'll shoot out some reminders on FACEBOOk & TWITTER and if people get notified when I go live, they will see it on YOUTUBE! It should be interesting for sure!

    I hope you all tune in live while we are broadcasting regardless and if you watch it after, Make sure that you comment on the video, let us know what you think, while we are talking!

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