Terms of Service and Rules

Basic Rules & Policy

Hello and welcome to SFNE Online, home of the largest Six Flags New England community on the web! Our goal is to provide a casual atmosphere to chat about SFNE- or any number of other topics to be found in the vast selection of community forums.

That said, there are some rules and expectations to keep the place running in a smooth and (hopefully) friendly manner. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these basic rules:

  • No Spam (pointless meme posts, one-word replies, etc.). This contributes nothing to the thread. Yes, we know other forums allow this. But we're not other forums. This is judged on a case-by-case basis, so when in doubt, don't risk it.
  • No Pornography (linking to or directly posting any media containing nudity or sex)
  • No Warez/Piracy (linking to, requesting or discussion of illegally obtaining copyrighted material)
  • No Advertising (a link in your signature is fine but posting topics about your site or PM'ing members with links is NOT tolerated or allowed). Referral/affiliate links of any nature also fall under this category.
  • No Flaming (antagonistic, slanderous, racist, or sexist comments will not be tolerated)
  • No Plagiarism (stealing other people's work and claiming it as your own; be it signature images or game mods) - This will result in an automatic ban- NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • Please do not double post, there is an edit button, use it.
  • Never open multiple accounts, unless you have a legit reason. Members found using multiple accounts without permission or reason will be taken care of appropriately.

Remember, you are a guest on a free service. Our moderators,forum leaders and administrators reserve the right to remove you from SFNE Online at any time for any reason. We can't be everywhere at once, and so we rely heavily on users flagging posts that break these rules.

Breaking The Rules: Warnings & Bans

First-time offenses may result in locked or deleted topics and/or a message from a leader asking you to cool it. (It depends on the severity of the infraction - your mileage may vary.)

Repeated violation of the rules, and ignoring requests to stop, may result in a temporary suspensions of posting rights, or an outright ban from the forums if need be.

Our forum team is just as interested in kicking back and chatting about SFNE and the industry as anyone else here. But with hundreds of members -- dozens of which may be online at any given time -- a degree of enforcement is needed to keep the forums enjoyable for all.

All rules are enforced at the discretion of the moderating team. They have the final say regarding when action should be taken (if any) against offending users. Judgment calls are made on a case-by-case basis.

Use Common Sense!
There are unspoken 'rules' of etiquette regarding spamming (off-topic, short, or otherwise pointless posts), flaming, and so on. While such things are not generally enforced on a regular basis, moderator action may be taken if such posts become problematic or habitual, thereby causing problems for other members.

Anything which might be illegal in the real world is also frowned upon here. This could include anything from contracting your services as a hacker-assassin to posting other peoples' private information against their will. (Things of this nature are really too numerous to list.)

For the most part, just use some common sense while posting, and all will be fine!

If you're not familiar with how forum communities work, or if you're just unsure of the specifics of this one, register and observe for a few days. The community will gladly welcome you!
There are a few forum sections that have their own set of rules & guidelines, please make sure you review them prior to posting or replying so that you do not break any of the rules stated or punishment will follow.

Thank you for joining the largest SFNE community! Enjoy your stay, follow the rules, and indulge in the thrill of Six Flags New England and the entire amusement industry with the rest of us.

Display Name Change Policy

[LEFT]Name Changes are allowed, under a few general policies:[/LEFT]
  • Name Changes are allowed once per 365 days.
  • Users must have been registered over a year to be eligible.
  • After name change, users must wait 365 days before any changes are allowed

Signatures and Avatars Policy

We understand our members like to express themselves with some sort of artwork or imagery to showcase who they are or what they're for or against. Here are some simple rules and guidelines for signatures and avatars that should be strictly adhered to.
  • Signatures and Avatars must be of a reasonable size (600x150 for signatures and 100x100 and 100kb or under for avatars)
  • Signatures and Avatars must not contain any nudity, profanity or offensive material that compromises our basic rules & policies.
  • Signatures which are too large will be scaled. For optimal performance, adhere to the proper size.

SFNE Online Leadership

[LEFT]SFNE Online has a number of team leaders working together to ensure SFNE Online continues to be the largest and the best community out there for Six Flags New England news.[/LEFT]

Please use the Feedback forum for any issues or complaints with the service.

Thank you for choosing the SFNE Online Community. SFNE News and Rumors from people you trust.