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3 For 5 Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by CodyFitz, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. CodyFitz


    Oct 5, 2018
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    It’s definitely a sort of GP thing that makes them work. They’re the same people that automatically assume the tallest coaster in the park is the best one. Or the ones that are afraid to do it say they did it before and brag about how dangerous it is and how you have to sign a waiver before you get on.
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  2. djcyberlegend

    djcyberlegend Forum Leader

    Oct 6, 2010
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    Moved to the Games section.
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  3. mrceagle


    Oct 3, 2010
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    I guess it's my turn.

    First of the 5 removed rides.
    • Timber Splash Water Coaster - Not needed withe the expanded water park.
    • Canobie 500 - the park doesn't really need 2 car rides and I need the space
    • Autobahn - This kiddie rides is set underneath a dome previously used for the Vertigo theater a cinema 180 attraction the land can be better used
    • Land Sea Rescue - This kiddie ride is a repeat with 2 other kiddie rides like it.
    • Corkscrew - The ride is on its last leg as well as the fact hat its appeal is equal to the crowds that way.
    3 New Rides.

    • Mack Polyp (large model) - This ride use unique and looks thrilling. the ride would replace the Autobahn/Vertigo Theater dome. The Ride would add a upper family lever ride with good range and appeal to many. It would also open up the view of the park back to the park Phycodrome the back of the park making the park feel larger.
    • Gravity Group Coaster - Built to the parks max height and dropping down on the Canobie 500 spot and towards the corkscrews former spot which will provide around a 85-87ft drop. This would be an extreme wood coaster with 3 inversions. 2 to make up for the inversions lost form corkscrew removal and 1 just to add something extra. The ride would be built in a way that allows for the current path to remain operational for the park.
    • Chance Big Dipper (Custom layout mine train) This would be a medium end coaster to give the park a true family coaster. It will be build in the Timber splash location and over the retention pond for Policy Log Flume. i expect the ride would be in the 35-40ft range with a slightly larger drop. I'k keep the mill house/pump house form Timber Splash as themeing for the new coaster.
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