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Great Escape Photos (with Mini Trip Report)

Discussion in 'Great Escape Chatter' started by DylanBIZARRO, Jul 21, 2016.


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  1. DylanBIZARRO


    Apr 8, 2014
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    So this month, my friends and I went camping for a few days at Lake George, and also got to stop by The Great Escape! On the first day, we only went inside of the dry park, and on the second day went into the water park as well. Both days I had a lot of fun! Here is my reviews on some of the rides there.

    I was very excited to ride this coaster. It looked like a lot of fun. On my first ride, we sat in the back, and I loved it! I found it to be an awesome ride and definitely my favorite there! Also, on my first time going on it, it broke down on the brake run, but in about 5-10 minutes, we were on our way moving again.


    First I am going to go over the overall ride experience without the VR. I thought it was ok, except for the corkscrews. Besides the corkscrews, I thought the ride was good, although short. Now, onto the VR. I liked the fact that you could interact with the virtual world by shooting at the targets as you were going up the lift hill. Of course I found it a bit more cramped with the over the shoulder restraints, and I was very scared the headset would fall off going through the corkscrews, like wow! Those corkscrews are ROUGH!
    RIDE 6/10
    VR 7/10


    I found this ride actually pretty enjoyable! Overall, it isn’t real short, although I wish there was a bit more after the second lift hill instead of just that downward corkscrews, but it was probably meant to be a smaller shorter coaster.


    Now this was a ride I was very excited about and was looking forward to, and I enjoyed it! It was a very unique experience, having never been on one, and it really flew through the track! A very fun ride! I am very happy that it was open when I went, and I would hope that they keep this ride around. One minor complaint is that it is very rough when going on the track from the slide part, but they can’t really control that.


    Not much different than fireball or any other Larson looper, but the employee working at the time ran a really good ride! It was flying through the loop and hung you upside down, and ran for quite a while! Also, it is definitely one of, if not the best looking above ground Larson Loopers. It looks very nice in that area.

    Overall, I think this is a very nice little park and it is definitely worth a visit if you are near by! Now, at one point I brought my camera in the park and took some nice photos! I would have taken more, but we were only in there for a few more minutes. I also wish I could have brought my drone but there wasn’t enough room in the truck we had with all the camping equipment.

    Flashback. ALOT smoother than SFNE’s boomerang.


    In my opinion, this ride looks excellent in its spot!
    Some nice pictures of Sasquatch.
    I love this picture of Steamin Demon!

    Oh, and Great Escape had something SFNE doesn’t have..... CHOICE OF SEATS!!!!
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  2. tge98


    Aug 25, 2012
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    ^ Nice TR. They even have choice of seats on their VR coaster :eek::eek::eek:..*Gasp* Choice of seats on superman is a load of bull because Steamin Demons station is smaller than Supermans.

    Glad you got to ride Bobsled!

    Also you mention CB being short after the Helix. It's funny because Canyon Blaster's layout was modified after the helix to fit in the space at TGE when it was moved from Opryland. It also use to be able to run 2, (3??) trains before Great Escape days.
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