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Hershey Park 7/31/17 And 8/2/17

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by ec_coasters, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. ec_coasters


    Dec 27, 2014
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    I visited Hershey for the first time this week and I ended up really enjoying the whole experience. I stayed at Hotel Hershey and overall I am very impressed with this hotel. There is just so much to do at the hotel itself not even counting the park or chocolate world. At first the park's layout was a little confusing but once you get the hang of it it's not that bad. Most the rides are fairly close. My first day was more like a half day and I got all the coasters besides Fahrenheit, Wild Mouse, Great Bear, and Laff Trakk. Overall it was a great park with plenty to do for the whole family. My one complaint is sometimes I found the app to be very inaccurate. For instance I ended up waiting upwards of an hour for Laff Trakk when it was posted as a 20 minute wait. I was also very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the tidiness of the park.

    Major Rides

    Skyrush x5 - Going in expectations weren't all that high but man it proved me wrong. I didn't find the restraints to be as bad as superman's and the ejector air was the most intense air I've ever experienced. I totally understand why the restraints lock down so tight because this ride just feels like it's trying to eject you every chance it gets. One thing I wasn't expecting was towards the back especially on the wings seats it can get kinda rough. My favorite seats are the inner seats for that reason. I got 2 night rides (in front and back) and this ride absolutely hauls. It's buzzing in my top 3 not exactly sure where yet. 10/10

    Wild Cat x1 - Absolute garbage. The ride doesn't really do much and it gives you a pretty good headache afterwards. Great candidate for an RMC conversion this ride really needs it 2/10

    Laff Trakk x1 - Fun family coaster. Not much spinning going on. Ended up waiting longer than I would've liked 6/10

    Great Bear x3 - Very weird layout thanks to Hershey's unique placement of coasters. It's good nothing special. Pulls some great forces at some points but not quite up there with raptor for me. 8/10

    Fahrenheit x2 - Really enjoyed this ride especially in the front. Some weird vibrations near the cobra roll but doesn't take away from the ride at all. Very unique but be warned this ride gets some hefty lines 9/10

    Storm Runner x3 - The launch on this thing is amazing and the funky elements are actually awesome. Just wish it was a bit longer. The ride overall runs pretty good with no discomfort thanks to the softer restraints. Unlike Maverick last year I didn't find these restraints uncomfortable on SR and Fahrenheit. This ride snuck into my top 10 but like Skyrush i'm not exactly sure on it's placement 9/10

    Lightning Racer x2 - My first ever GCI and though the ride was great I wasn't blown away. I didn't think the pacing was great and it was bland at some moments. Not to mention I couldn't get any air thanks to the millennium flyer's restraints. Just wish they didn't lock down so tight. Still fun and probably the best woodie there. It's pretty rerideable and gives a good ride. 8/10

    Comet x3 - Definitely exceeded my expectations. It was quite smooth and provided plenty of air thanks to its buzzbars. Up there with Yankee Cannonball in terms of classic woodies. 8/10

    Triple Tower x5 - I rode all 3. Kisses and Reese's were always walkons and Hershey was like a 15 min wait. Reese's had very powerful air on the first 2 launches and it's probably the best of the 3 considering the wait times

    Super Dooper Looper x2 - Fun, smooth, and a nice little ride for what it is 7/10

    That's all the coasters worth mentioning. I also did the zoo and chocolate world which are both very nice touches which further makes this park unique and an overall great place to be. Loved the atmosphere and I always felt very welcomed from the staff at the park and the hotel. Great times were had by all at Hershey.

    Top 5
    1. Skyrush
    2. Storm Runner
    3. Fahrenheit
    4. Lightning Racer
    5. Great Bear
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