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Kings Dominion Opening Weekend 2018

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by xsarabella, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. xsarabella


    Nov 15, 2011
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    Seeing as how a week has already passed since I left for KD, I thought it would be a great time for a trip report. #GetTwisted

    Friday 3.23.2018 - Season Pass Preview:
    Time in park 5-10
    Weather: Somewhere in the 40s, sunny, windy, and then very cool at night.

    Alright, let’s go:

    We arrived at the parking lot at about 4:15 and there was already a line at the gate to get in. I think the opened the gates around 4:50 or so. Naturally we all headed straight to Twisted Timbers. My god is she beautiful! I don’t know what they were doing but it didn’t open with the park. There was a massive line extending from the entrance all the way back towards the rest rooms/coke refill station. Eventually they opened the line at 5:30 or so, with only one train. Kings Dominion did a great job, I enjoyed the theming throughout the queue and there are several photo ops while waiting in line.

    Kings Dominion implemented a locker policy to “increase capacity” on their major coasters. So no loose articles are allowed in line. No hats with bills. (Beanies were okay.) And glasses/Keys/phones had to be put in zippered pockets. If you had any kind of bag they wouldn’t let you enter the line. Pretty standard Six Flags stuff.

    Finally we boarded the train, and right away you will notice these new trains and restraints are so nice and an improvement over Wicked Cyclone’s. The seat belt is retractable, The Lap Bars are smaller and lighter. And the seat felt wider and more opened compared to WC.

    The ride itself was great, we were assigned the middle part of the train for our first ride. It depends on what your personal expectations were going in, but it doesn’t blow you away, not like Wicked Cyclone. But, that’s not to say that it’s not a great new coaster. The twisted drop is the best part and there’s good airtime. I think the ride is a bit more drawn out than WC, so it’s not as intense, it doesn’t give that same relentless ride with element after element. However, the more times you ride, I think the more you like it. Kings Dominion definitely has a winner and I am very happy for them.

    Because we were one of the first 1,000 riders on preview night, we were given a free lanyard, which I clipped to my spare set of keys right away, replacing my Gatekeeper one from Coastermania in 2013.

    After getting twisted on Timbers, we visited the all new Mac Bowl, and had some decent, but not great Mac n cheese with whatever toppings we wanted to add. Basically a salad on top of Mac n cheese.

    Next we went for a ride on Delirum. The smaller version of Harley Quinn.

    We made our way to Volcano, which was running very slow and was barely making it through the inversions.

    After Volcano, we went for a nice relaxing ride on Avalanche, the bobsled coaster. It was literally like riding a coaster in bed. Definitely a fan! #newcredit

    To end the night, I met up with some family, and my coaster enthusiast in training cousin wanted to wait for Twisted Timbers. So I waited with her, which ended up being an hour and a half with one train operations.

    It was well worth it, as night rides on any coaster is incredible, especially a brand new one for the first time.

    The park closed at 9 but due to the line for Timbers; I didn’t get out the park until 10. We got wawa for dinner and headed back to the hotel for the night.

    3.24.2018 Opening Day!
    Time in the park: 11-7:30ish?
    Weather: Low 50s and SUNNY!

    Finally, Opening Day, the day only second to Christmas Morning.

    Passholders got in a half hour early, so we went right to Twisted Timbers again. And again it wasn’t opened yet, but did open very soon after we got in line. And today it was running two trains.

    I’m telling you, this ride just gets better and better!

    After Timbers we hit up all the other coasters, I don’t really remember the order. So here’s the ride count:
    Apple Zapple: 1x Such a fun mouse coaster!
    Grizzly - 1x Really rough, they should have RMC’d this instead tbh.
    #RebelYellForever - 1x, Racer75 was actually racing, we did the left side and we won! 8) There was a lot of track work done and it is pretty smooth now. Great fun coaster.
    I305 <3 - 1x Backseat greyout for the win!
    Flight of Fear - 1x
    Backlot Stunt Coaster - 1x (Fire was working.)
    Anaconda - 1x I hate this roller coaster.
    Avalanche - 1x #naptime
    Boo Blasters - 1x My score was terrible, 570 I think lmao.
    Ferris Wheel - 1x
    In between all of this we had amazing Panda Express for lunch. I wish the Panda Express at SFNE was good like this. :/
    We ended back at Twisted Timbers as the line wasn’t even in the queue house. The line moved quick but then went down with some kind of issue. Resulting in riders on the train sitting on the brake run needing to be evacuated. Many people left the line. So eventually we ended up near the front and I got my 4th ride :)

    I wanted to ride i305 again but it was getting towards park closing and I was cold and didn’t feel like walking all the way back to the other part of the park. So we headed out for the night and got Red Robin for dinner.

    Sunday Funday 3.25.2018
    Time in the park: 12-3
    Weather: Upper 40s and sunny again

    So basically we decided instead of going to BGW and adding an hour and a half drive back home, to just go back to KD for a couple hours. When we first got there TT wasn’t running at all. We got a tater tot bowl from the Mac n cheese place. And it was alright. We headed over to i305 and got the back again for another greyout. We walked around a lot and couldn’t decide on much. Timbers still wasn’t opened, and we were getting really mad. Ultimately we decided to hit Dominator on our way out and got to sit in that traffic on I-95.

    We had such a wonderful trip, the weather was decent considering there was a snow storm earlier in the week. I absolutely love Kings Dominion. It is by far my favorite CF park. I cannot wait to go back and ride Twisted Timbers some more. I think most everyone will enjoy it!

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  2. Dr. Gigglez

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    Oct 3, 2010
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    Great report! I love KD. This and KI are my favorite Cedar Fair Parks!

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