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Last Trip Of Summer 2016 (maybe)- 8.24.2016 Ptr

Discussion in 'Trip Report Archive' started by xsarabella, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. xsarabella


    Nov 15, 2011
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    Time in park 11:30-7
    Weather: Sunny and hot, 90*
    Crowds: Moderate
    Group: Me & Kyle
    Waterpark: 12-3:30pm
    Food: Chicken Strips -meh- Dippin Dots & Lemonade Cup
    Ride Count:
    Swiss Family Toboggan 1x
    Big Kahuna 1x
    Wave Pool 2x
    Monsoon Lagoon 5 minutes
    Lazy River 1x
    Crime Wave 1x
    Mind Eraser 1x
    Scream 1x
    WiCy 1x

    So today was my last day off during the week before HH closes, so we went today to get in our last adventures in the water park.

    We got to the parking lot at about 11 and it was already crowded. Today was much hotter than the last 2 days, so looks like everyone waited until today to come, makes sense.

    When we crossed over the bridge and got to the entrance we were greeted with this...


    It took about 20 minutes to finally get in.
    They weren't using the fingerprint scanners.
    All of the metal detectors went off so they had to wand every single person.
    The bag tables were not set up so they were checking bags at the metal detectors. Such a mess.
    Fight fest props are starting to appear on main street.

    We got to the waterpark and surprising there was no line to get in. Got a locker. And went to get changed. No lines in there either! #winning The changing rooms really need an overhaul, first off almost half of the curtains are ripped or missing. There is no communication on which way the lines go, so people are fighting over the next empty stall. The stalls themselves are tiny & there is no lighting, it's very dark and hard to see. The cobwebs in the ceiling are absolutely gross.

    We started our adventure in the wave pool, not many people were in there yet. Water was cold so we left, but then the waves started so we went back, and got used to the water temp and it was fine.

    Kyle has never been on Swiss Family, the line seemed short, so we decided to wait for it. Well that turned into 40 minutes of waiting. The most entertaining part was watching a Coca Cola truck figure out how to back out of the access road between the lazy river and Whistlestop Park is. When we got to the top, there was 1 life guard attendant, and he was struggling to push the tubes out to get people down the slide. Other people waiting in line were helping him push. That's why the line was so long.

    We were getting hungry so we went back to the locker to get our passes, on the way we stopped at the wave pool again. Still not crowded so it was great.

    We got chicken strips next to Monsoon Lagoon at the stand that only sells chicken strips. It was the least crowded food stand #winning. But after we got our food we had to walk halfway through the park to find a table to eat at. There are not enough tables near the food stands!!! And what really makes me mad is that people just put all their bags and towels and whatever on the tables that are supposed to be for eating & use it as their own locker.

    Chicken Strips were as to be expected. Nothing great but they were cooked.

    We dropped our stuff back at the locker and finished up in the waterpark. It was getting real crowded at this point, so we went to monsoon lagoon but it was closed for water testing.

    We wanted to go on Typhoon but the line was omg long! The pool opened up, we tried to swim but the water was FREEZING! So we got out, did the lazy river, changed and headed to the dry park.

    Did Crime Wave on our way from HH, 1 cycle wait. Fun and one of the best flats in the park. Seats are uncomfortable though.

    Went to Mind Eraser, no assigned seating, rode in the back. Train was dirty. Station was dirty. Ride was rough as usual. Making an awful sound going up the lift hill. I wish our park had a Batman clone or another b&m invert.

    The ride times weren't updating on the app, it said VR was off but we were skeptical. Headed towards Superman but saw people using the headsets. Decided to do scream instead. #combomode

    Scream really really really needs some love. The paint is peeling, the seats are NASTY, broken mirrors and lights, the queue has paint chipped off all the railings. Please help this ride! #makescreamgreatagain

    Finished at WiCy, about a 30 minute wait. Station was full, no assigned seating. Let people go ahead of us so we could get the blue train. Last row. Great ride. Slow dispatches, very slow at checking restraints.

    Went back to the waterpark, picked up our bags from the locker and headed out. Ended up taking #MassTransitTheRide #CityBus to the parking lot. I think the bus may have had faster operations than WiCy, but I got to chose the back seat so I don't care. #glorious!

    All in all it was a pretty good day at the park. Park seemed clean overall, the waterpark was very clean, and the employees seemed to be making the best of it but they are obviously understaffed.

    Sad the end of the summer has come already.

    BAFF every Thursday and Friday in August. Keep that in mind if you're planning a trip in the next 2 days.

    Superman doing Superman things.

    Finally a teacup has been added to the teacup sign. No more posts sticking out of the top. #WeNoticed

    The wheel is back. #CACcharacter

    That's all folks!

    See ya next year Hurricane Harbor! Bring on September and Fright Fest and North Faces and Scarves and Pumpkin everything!!!
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    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  2. depotrat


    Oct 14, 2010
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    ^It is hard to believe that the season is coming to an end already. The weekday staffing as you noted is tough for all the parks now because many college students have left to return to school. Many colleges have their first day this Monday. I haven't done the water park in years - sorry to hear how bad the changing rooms are.

    It will be just 9 weekends until closing! I need to start planning some visits. Casey is in Europe (Disneyland Paris tomorrow!) but we can probably get to the parks a few more times when she comes home even after she starts school. I will probably go solo Saturday morning to exercise my new choice of seats rights! LOL
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