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Ptr 5/7/16 (fireball Goldpass Preview!)

Discussion in 'Trip Report Archive' started by DylanBIZARRO, May 12, 2016.


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  1. DylanBIZARRO

    DylanBIZARRO Forum Leader

    Apr 8, 2014
    Likes Received:

    Superman x12
    Batman x1
    Mind Eraser x1
    Gotham City Gauntlet x1
    Fireball x5
    New England Sky Screamer x1
    Buzzsaw x2
    Tomahawk x1
    Rockin Rodeo x1
    Scream x1

    10:30am - 9:00pm

    So this is a kinda late PTR, but I’m gonna post it anyways. Me and my friend arrived at the park very early, so we headed to Bobby j’zs down the street which is a breakfast and lunch restaurant. It was very good!

    The road underneath the bridge before opening. No traffic.

    Sky Screamers early testing. It must be pretty scary to go up and inspect this thing.

    SFNE’s entrance with no people, before opening.

    Then we waited for the park to open and when it did, we headed right to Fireball to be the first people! We got there and there was 2 other very nice people there that we met. It then started to rain quite a bit, but when it stopped, they grouped us and we boarded the ride! After 3 restraint checks and unlocks, it finally started! I remember first when it stayed upside down how weird it felt, seeing SFNE upside down from that height. It was a great ride! Loved it! Awesome flat ride to add to SFNE. Us 4 were the first riders for Fireball ever! I love how when riders get off, the car behind the ride makes engine revving noises.

    Here is some higher quality images of the picture of the car I posted on this day.

    After our awesome ride on Fireball it started to rain a little bit and we went to Johnny Rockets to eat burgers, using our dining passes. After eating the park still had no lines or crowds so me and my friend went and rode Superman 4 times! It ran great. After that we rode Fireball 3 more times, since it had no line at all, with not that much people riding it. We then headed to South End as it got busy and rode Buzzsaw and Batman, as Mind Eraser had a huge line, which was very surprising. We then went on GCG, which I got stuck on during opening day, interesting experience.

    Speaking of stuck, Superman got stuck with riders!

    After riding Gotham City Gauntlet, Superman was still down I believe so we went to ride Wild Wheels since we had not yet ridden it since the transformation from Route 66. Overall it was pretty good, but I liked the route 66 theme more.

    Wild Wheels seemed like it was down or something since there was no riders on board the cars.

    We then headed up to crackaxle canyon to ride tomahawk and rockin rodeo. After that, since the lines had died down, we rode Superman 4 more times and then went to ride Wicked Cyclone. The line for Wicked Cyclone was long so we rode NESS instead. I was so tired at this point, and we were hungry so we ate at JB’s. I got a burger which was very good. We headed to South End and rode Buzzsaw, and Mind Eraser since the line was gone, and then rode Fireball one more time. We then went to ride Superman 4 more times, stopping by Scream on the way there. Awesome day, and we got to be the first riders on Fireball! Thanks for reading!


    I love how they put 6 flags on the license plate.
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