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Ptr- Sfgadv 7/27/2017

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by nitro1118, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. nitro1118


    Apr 27, 2015
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    Notes and pics from today's trip:

    -Got on El Toro 2x, KK, Zumanjaro and the Big Wheel. All rides had 15min waits with most being walkons.

    -I took a peek at different areas and didn't see any visible signs of construction/land clearing/markings for the 2018 attraction.

    -Batman now has on-ride video that appears to currently be operational. A pic of the open stand can be seen below.

    -El Toro was strangely running smoother in the magic seat on the Kia train compared to the 2nd row of the regular train. Amazing ride as always.

    -Took my first ride on KK this year, 2nd row, and it was shuffling like crazy. This used to be strictly a problem with the back of the train but it appears every row is like this now. They really need to put some TLC into this ride or put $ into getting new trains. On the plus side it was running 3 train ops with quick dispatches.

    -SF is playing no games with this loose article policy. The El Toro entrance attendent was having people do quick pat downs of themselves to check for phones or keys. The pic of El Toro below is just the line to get into the line for El Toro due to this policy.

    -Note from the pic of the GK below: Tiger Exhibit, souvenier store and foid stand all closed. It's sad to see the GK, which was once a really nice area for a SF park, look so bare and rundown.

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