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Tge 8/10

Discussion in 'Great Escape Chatter' started by tge98, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. tge98


    Aug 25, 2012
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    Unfortunately, this was a trip bc we couldn't get to great adventure. All day yesterday I was checking the weather and it said thunderstorms until 1pm and then 15% chance of rain after that. So we were planning to go even with that chance. Right before bed it got bunped up to 30% after 1. So even with that we were going to go. So we all woke up at 6am ready to drive 4 hours to Great Adventure. We checked the weather one last time and it was 60% chance of rain until 7pm. So based on this we decided not to go. So we all went back to bed. I woke up at 10 and looked at weather for Great Adventure and it said no Thunder storms and less than 15% chance of rain the whole day. So by that point it wouldn't have been worth it to drive down there. So we decided to spend a few hours at great escape instead. Forcast looks bad for the next week at Gradv so I'm really hoping the weather holds off on next Tuesday because that ll be my last chance to get down there before I go off to college.

    Time in Park: 1-530
    Weather: Off and On rain, sun came out as we were leaving.
    Canyon Blaster x1
    Blizzard x1
    Comet x1
    Supernova x1
    Greesed lightning x1
    Sasquatch x2
    Steamin Demon VR x1
    Sky coaster x1

    Closed Rides:
    Flying Trampezes
    Screamin Eagles
    Greesed Lighting (opened up later in the day)

    Ride Reviews:
    Canyon Blaster: The actual ride was the same as usual, the paint looks awful but it's not a big deal to me if it rides well. What really pissed me off was the dispatch times it was almost VR-like. They were ridiculously understaffed. There were only two people working on the ride. So They had one person on the unload side and the ride op. So they loaded a train and sent it out. So when it came back, the op had to unlock the train. run down and walk up the load side of the station. Then once everyone was unloaded he went back up to the control panel, and opened the gates. (Today they were keeping people out of the station and on the stairs.) So after he unlocked gates. He grabbed the height check pole and went to the entrance to the station and started letting people into the station. After everyone was on the train he went back up to the booth and closed the gates and locked the restraints. So then after this he had to check all the restraints on the load side. After that he was finally able to walk all the way back to the booth and dispatch the train. That was probably the worst operations I've ever seen. And the thing that really bothers me is that Canyon Blasters station has the gates to let people into the station as they walk up to the ride. They've done it this way before so I don't know what made them go back to this system.

    Blizzard: Same old ride, It seemed like they made the cycle longer which was very nice. Other than that it was a really good ride.

    I had a really good ride on the comet. It had rained off and on before I got to the comet so I think that's why it was running good. It wasn't the smoothest ride ever but it was far from the roughest. The Airtime was crazy tho. I only got to ride once since they were only running one train. When I rode they had a full station. They were also understaffed as well. They had one person on the load side and the op was the only one on the unload side. This was less of an issue for the comet because of the way The Comet is loaded and unloaded.

    The last few years The Great Escape has been really good about running two trains literally all the time unless something was mechanically wrong with one of them. However this year it seems like some days they just have no intent to run two trains.

    Supernova: Fun little ride, Wish they could push more people thru as it takes forever to load and unload. It's been like this since it has opened and I think it has more to do with the ride then the operator.

    Boomerang: This was the first ride of the day that was actually staffed properly. They had 3 people running the ride! This was the first time I noticed it but is there a way to upgrade the boomerang so the restraints unlock with a button rather than having to go down and unlock every car manually. This ride was good as always. I thought it was funny because the soundtrack still said boomerang. Also I heard an ad in the park advertising Greesed Lightning, and at the end it said don't forget about Comet or Boomerang. I thought this was weird because if greesed lighting was in the ad, how did they not call it Flashback.

    Greesed Lightning:
    I had a really good cycle. This was my second ride on a superloop and the first was El diablo at Great Adventure. I though ours looked alot better and had a much better cycle. Great addition to the park.

    Sasquatch: Nothing really noteworthy other than it really felt like I was at the top of drop for a lot shorter than I used to be. It seemed like you got up there and dropped almost immediately. I might be going crazy but that's what I felt. Other than that it was the same old same old.

    Steamin Demon VR:
    This was my second time trying VR at TGE. They did replace the straps with the hard hat style headset. I liked this style much better. As for the my headset was broken. I got it on and loaded up correctly. I could look around and everything while sitting in station. The attendant came up and down and pressed the shoot button and asked if it was shooting on the screen. It was shooting on my end so I said yes. Once the ride started the screen never moved. I could shoot and I could look around but I was stuck in the station so I had to close my eyes.

    Skycoaster: I like doing the sky coaster at least once a year so I figured this might be my last chance to do it so I convinced my friends to do it. If you have a seasonpass and 3 people doing it, it's only 10 bucks a person which I think is worth it. I was surprised, I've done it each of the last 4 season. So every single time I've done it the same three employees were working it. Shows a lot that they keep coming back because they are all older and great at what they do.

    General notes:

    The park really smelled in a few different spots. The tunnel to ghost town reaked,walking past kidzopolis reaked, and comets stations smelled pretty bad.

    It was a BAFF day so I expected it to be busy but the parking lot didn't show it. But the park seemed crowded for whatever reason. Most of the rides had really bad operations. Glad to hear they weren't assigning seats on any coaster.

    I looked everywhere and I did not see any markers of anykind.

    Not as good as great adventure but still a good day
  2. MetsFan

    MetsFan Forum Leader

    Nov 8, 2010
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    Greezed Lightnin' was open when I got there at 12 and was open when I left at 5 and it was running most of the time so it was only down for a very short time. Screamin' Eagles ran until that rain squall came and then didn't re-open.

    I noticed the smells too- weird.

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