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    Maybe “ad” wasn’t the proper word to use to describe it. What I’m reading is that people don’t like all the posting & links to the video on the main SFNE online accounts, which is why I personally feel it should be separated.

    I do like the Grove Show, I find it entertaining & I think it’s fun especially when you can tune in live and join the chat. But not everyone wants that. It seems like the majority of responses are people saying they just want the forums for discussion and social media for park coverage and photos.

    I still care a lot about the site, and I hope that whatever the future holds, it will be a fun place for everyone who enjoys New England parks/roller coasters. For that to work, there needs to be a middle ground of content people want vs. content you want to produce. Neither is a bad thing, but if people aren’t on the same page, it’s destined to fail.

    You can’t welcome feedback and opinions to move forward and then say you’re gonna continue doing what the majority of people said they don’t want!

    You can keep doing the grove show and I really hope you do, but like I have said before, it needs it’s own place. Not just in the forums, but in general. It should be a brand of SFNE online, and people that like it (myself and others) will continue to follow you on it. Those that have decided they don’t like it, and aren’t interested, don’t have to be inundated with posts and links to the videos.

    It’s fine to mention the videos on the forums because there may be new people who otherwise wouldn’t know these videos exist. But in today’s lifestyle, the traffic coming to the forums will be from people watching on YouTube first.

    We can agree to disagree
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    The Videos them selves are branded SFNEOnline , the channel is SFNEOnline for youtube, the Channel has The Grove Show, It has the videos and I think the problem that confuses people is the link when you click it says This is probably the confusion going around. I have a custom URL that should be but for some reason it isn't showing up, but that maybe because of the changes to youtube with needing certain requirements to meet and I know a lot of options open up when you hit 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 watch hours and thats why people may feel that this is Grove Show, Grove Show, Grove Show, when in case it's not. People see that , roll their eyes then not even investigate ! Thats really the problem with society today ! Though I've made posts on forums and social media , people do read it, they skip it, but if they read or watched a video, they would finally understand what is going on! I'm not knocking you, or anybody, but society in general !

    Thursday night during the Grove Show I'm going to address this topic to clarify any questions or confusion that anybody has . I think once people realize that this is what it is, they may come around and go , ok or people may go, still not for me and that is fine. I was just looking into how to get rid of the realgroveshow off the channel, so I have some investigation myself to do .

    Im still working on cleaning up the playlists, renaming and then when that is done, I will be creating brand new thumbnails to the videos .

    Its just one of those things that could have been miscommunicated or misunderstood ! Everything is inter connected from the Website to social media and Youtube , It's a matter of people realizing that and supporting the entire package. Once people realize what things are then things get better. I hope anyway .lol

    Like I said if you do not promote the YOUTUBE PAGE, that dies, if you don't promote the website that dies and if you don't promote the social media that dies! SFNEONLINE was always known for its website and forums, then social media became a staple in every day life!

    Now with people helping I can concentrate on fixing YOUTUBE and redesigning the website and getting things back on track where i was spread so thin, things couldn't get done.

    This isn't a thing of I'm doing it my way and not listening to everybody. I will never stop promoting the website, the social media or Youtube , if that bothers people, then maybe they should go else where, but I'm not going to put on a constant push like before, but it will be there ! I will not be bullied to take things away because some don't like it either! I know it sounds harsh but the reality is this , all of this is a package deal and someday when I do not want to run SFNEOnline anymore down the road, I will have to find someone I trust to take the reins and who would do good at growing every aspect of SFNEOnline! As we take people on and bring them part of SFNEOnline , maybe we will find that trusting person to take over one day! At the end of the day we are entertaining people, giving them information about the parks and talking about our experiences , as fans ,as a family and working together, we will never always agree on anything! Even if we hate each other we must find a common ground to at least have the respect for one another to work towards the same goal! The same goal is SFNEOnline, trying new things, covering parks, entertaining people with pictures and posts and videos and discussions! That how it was and then it died off for what ever reason! And it was dying well before I took over! When I took over and went to the forums you were lucky if 2-5 people were posting , now more and more come back and spot on a regular basis!

    I respect every single person that have voices concerns, excitement, hate towards me, bullied me, but I have more respect for those that have actually stepped up in the private messages and already took on new roles and are actually doing stuff! Those people are your Heroes and I have love for everybody, the fans, the friends, the great times we have had!

    Those looking to push me out, good luck! Those that continue to complain, but hide when asked to help, good luck as well! This weekend alone showed me something! 1. Who my true friends are. 2. Who are a bunch of back stabbers. 3. Who was willing to step up when nobody wanted to!

    I do not care how much hate I receive from this post, it's not shameful or embarrassing! People in general just want to crap on you when they weren't part of the team! I get it, Im not everybody flavor of the day! Thats why I've added some awesome people that you all know and love to SFNEOnline, as I take steps back to fix things that I need to fix and let other people handle some stuff!

    This is a fan site we love, A Fan site! Not a fortune 500 company! Lets have fun and enjoy what we all bring to the table! Don't take it so serious! When we didn't take this site so serious, we had more fun! I think thats part of the problem! People wanted this site to be so massive that the entire world would come to visit and thats never going to be the case! We are a fan site dedicated to New England Parks! Nothing more, nothing less! We can enjoy all the great stuff we did, just without all the crazy politics!

    Enjoy my friends, lets have fun and create some beautiful stuff together with all SFNEOnline has to offer!
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    Apr 19, 2011
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    When people go on this site, the social media pages, etc, they want to see pictures, updates, park info, and news. People do not want to see random low quality unprofessional posts about a vacation you went on, the grove show, or cringy, weird, and sometimes obscene videos. Example: For the last two days the Instagram page and Facebook pages are actually posting professional content and they actually have likes/comments! Obviously this is what people want to see. The social media pages for the last year or two have been incredibly unprofessional and I am glad some others are taking over to fix things. I am sure most people have already unfollowed the pages by now, but the amount of likes/comments on the posts show that this is what people want to see!

    It is clear as day that people do not want to be bombarded with posts about videos on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. At the very most, the only posts should be quality vlogs or videos of the park. Or better yet no posts about videos, clearly people don't like them. I don't think I have seen a single video post on Facebook with more than two likes, the majority get zero. People don't want to see bad videos, and they also don't want to be told to subscribe for the first two minutes of the video. Quality videos come before subscribers, not the other way around. As mentioned before, the audience you are shooting for is incredibly niche. It is clear to me that you are doing this to benefit yourself so you can monetize the videos if you get to 1,000 subscribers and you are willing to drag the website/social media channels down with you in order to accomplish the goal.

    If you want to keep doing what your doing, that is fine, but you have been running everything to do with this site into the ground. Just look at what has been done since last weekend, the social pages are actually posting pictures of the park (would you believe that) and they are getting likes that I haven't seen since the Cyclone/Superman: TR days. The professionalism and quality content of the social media pages went completely out the window. The reputation of these pages has been trashed and it will take some time to fix them. I am not trying to be mean, but things have been heading south fast for the past year or two. Nobody wants to see posts about the grove show, obscene "rapping" performances, random haunts, or being begged to subscribe to a dead Youtube channel. Again I am not trying to be mean but the reputation of this site and the socials have suffered dramatically. This is just my opinion but I am sure there are others that share it with me. I have had a lot of great memories with this site but it has just turned into a complete embarrassment. Again I am not trying to be a jerk but this is the reality.
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    Actually all the social media stuff was dying well before I touched it! Thats a fact because I didn't really post much on anything, even I didn't go on the forums as much! At Some point The site died, people stop going even well before myself having any of the access to social media! If people are so worried even back then maybe people should have jumped up and down to help back then! Hell Zach made posts on the site asking for help, nobody raised their hand, I did and nobody raised their hand! So before everybody jumps on my back and trash talks me , blame each and every person on this site for not doing anything about it! I never said I was perfect, never said anything! Im thankful for those who stepped up! Like they say either help solve the problem or let those who are do their job, I am confident that these people can fix the damage that was done say around 2015 to until now! Now we can all work together to fix any and all problems that were going on and rebuild! If people falter then we can close the site and say we had a great run! Because once people stop helping , we all know the site will die! I got bigger fish to fry thats why I added the keys off to Canobie, Sluggo, Msullivan to handle social media, and the forums! Im limiting my posts and go work on what I need to do! Trust me this site makes zero money and costs me money! So unless people want to open their wallets I suggest chill out and enjoy life! This sent all about making the YOUTUBE Page get what it needs then kill the site, your crazy! Ill post twice a week to let everybody know the Groves Show is going on! Ill keep my videos away from the prudes and cry babies and then you guys can fix SFNEOnline! I hope you do because I've meet a lot of people on this site that are awesome people! I've made awesome friends from this site and a lot of memories are from this site! I'd like to keep it going that way! I get it you want pretty little pictures and news and wish all the videos will go away! We can do that and hell even I can go away! Not sure who wants to pick up the website tab !

    So Canobie#1 - Msullivan and Sluggo77 have all raised their hands to say I will help! Canobie#1 & Msullivan are going to handle instagram , Canobie One is going to handle FACEBOOK as well. I know AJ posts on FACEBOOK and so does Brandon Allen. I still need someone to take over twitter and Shane Joesph is going to help writing some article and Im going to write some articles for the Main page. Also once Sluggo77 gets back from his vacation we are going to talk more about rolls he can work on!

    Thing like this should have happened years ago!

    Don has been posting on Instagram since yesterday and Ive been doing the Facebook posts over the last few days and I believe Don did one today as well!

    Actually I don't plan on monetizing videos for a while even after I hit 1000 subscribers actually. There isn't a point even at that point , its way too soon to monetize them! Actually the YOUTUBE Page has actually gown quite a bit compared to where it was a year ago this time! Not where I want it to be, but a lot better then I thought it would be!

    I will address the team of a site redesign because it looks so dated and needs some love, then we can find someone who can update the site and make it look a lot better and function better! Im not a web designer by any means and I wont even act like I know what I'm doing!
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    I'm glad don is handling the Instagram and Facebook. It's looking a lot more professional and I can already tell it's cleaned up. That's a move in the right direction.
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    Yeah Don’s posts in the past 2 days have been more professional and clean than any post from the past few years. Very glad and hope it stays that way!

    As much as I like and respect Josh and Brandon, it does absolutley nothing for the site, or drawing people in, when I see random photos of them, whether it’s in park or on a vacation. If the IG focuses on the park, more people will follow.
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  7. Dr. Gigglez

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    This is going to be the last post that I make in this subject! I'm no longer going to feed into negativity, get bullied or anything! I also will not allow anybody to bully anybody else on this site! There are some crazy things going on behind the scenes! We cleaned up the Instagram account and got rid of random pictures, I feel like I'm back at the beginning of SFNEOnline, when I spoke with people, certain aspects and from members think moving in the direction people want is a step backward! Will I take the blame for a bunch of stuff? Of course, I will, I'm at least man enough to take the blame for my mess ups! I'm not a coward or two-faced or even trying to destroy SFNEOnline!

    I've lost a lot of respect for a lot of members over the weekend and even until today! A lot of the trust is gone! SFNEOnline started dying in 2015! After Wicked Cyclone debuted, the site went to crap! None of my damage happened until later than that, about 2 full years after that! People stopped coming for many reasons! Bullying, Drama, no more action on the main page. Then I tried different things to see what people would like or don't!

    Some worked, some didn't! You will never make an entire fan base or people in general happy! So some people don't care about Haunted houses, guess what there are more of you that do! I can back up the facts! Some may enjoy articles about Tips about a particular park, or trip reports or whatever and others don't!

    You guys can say you respect me or anybody, but some are full of crap! To be honest, nothing you guys say is going to break me! Actually the more I write, the more you guys get angry!

    On my end, the Instagram posts will be limited to pretty little pictures of the same thing we take every year hahaha, you know we want to live in 2009!
    Facebook, I'm going to limit Video posts to a bare minimum, I'll post pretty little pictures and fluff articles
    Twitter will be pretty much the same

    That's what you guys want, then you will get it! With that being said eventually, I will leave SFNEOnline and someone will have to step up and open their wallet to pay for it all! So if someone wants to raise their hand!

    The problem I have with all of this and the cry baby antics, you guys are stuck in the past, you guys have sucked the fun cool aspect out of it! Still won't break me and don't really care who goes off on me! Drink the Koolaid, take sides, I really don't care anymore! I'm going to continue to do what is best and maybe there is something you don't like, the door is wide open for you to leave! Or if you don't like something, don't support it, if an article you don't like from somewhere else comes out do you run around like the content police and say no, no, no you can't post that because I said so and I hate it!

    The only drama coming around here is what you bring in here!

    So with that being said, enjoy the new SFNEOnline, I'm going to go do more important things that are a lot more fun than doing a rinse and repeat!
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    Sorry to hear your Upset over the input. I can see some of it has been harsh. I get the frustration.

    In some way maybe things had take bit too much of a swing to the left but going far right isn't good either. I'm sure a middle ground can be found.
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    I wasn’t going to comment but...
    The “bullied” talk sounds unprofessional and is nauseating.
    The grove show and family vacations posts lack professionalism. It was a comical novelty in the beginning and I enjoyed it, but it’s pretty unprofessional and it got old quick.
    The site Zach put so much effort into seems gone.
    What happened to the hardcore enthusiast posts about park updates. Trip reports, photos etc?
    Bottom line, this was a site for enthusiasts. When it was more professional, posting was numerous. Now I browse but there isn’t much to comment on. No news or new attraction rumors to be had. No clues to new attractions uncovered. The absence of professionalism and enthusiast content is disappointing.
    Add back some real content we can all discuss and the forums will be busy again. I’m not going to come on here and talk about the Griswald family vacation video trip reports to Fright Fest. Pretty simple.
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    He made his intentions pretty clear. He’s not understanding that this site went under because of the lack of leadership and professionalism. Instead, it apparently just automatically started going downhill after WiCy opened. The “bullying” thing is absolutely ridiculous. Josh asked for feedback and an open discussion. When he realized that people were not a fan of him posting about his personal business to the sfneonline brand, he felt like a victim.

    As for the “behind the scenes” stuff and “cleaning up the social media”, that was me. I cleaned out all the unprofessional stuff that I saw and tried to get somewhat of a professional site back on the IG and Facebook pages. When they realized that their vacation posts got deleted, I think they got upset because both Brandon and josh messaged me and told me that I will not be running the social media anymore. Allegedly somebody unfollowed certain people? Not sure what they were talking about but that’s when they changed all the passwords and have yet to contact me afterwards. I know the majority of us here don't want to see close-up content of certain people doing inappropriate things.

    The Instagram page saw over 30 new followers and over 60% more likes than the page was receiving in the last 12 months, when I was running it for that short time. It's now back to its old ways.

    I’m not gonna help this site anymore, it’s virtually at a standstill and will never go back to the way it was. I know there is a new site coming into development called “East Coast Thrills” that will have many familiar faces. Keep a look out for it in the future.

    As for me this will be my last post. I’m not going to support people who are not willing to see their mistakes and change from them. Nobody here is trying to “bully you out of the forums so we can take over”, Josh. We just wanted change and you are not willing to truly separate your personal life out of it. Good luck sfneonline, it was a great 10 years. ❤️
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