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    I am happy to announce that we are hosting a trip report contest! If you remember about 3 years ago, we hosted a photography contest. It was a huge success, and I am hoping I can say the same about this contest.


    The contest will be open to submissions starting today. Keep in mind this is a trip report contest, not a photo contest. While adding photos to your trip report makes it a lot better, this will be judged mostly on the quality of the trip report, not the photos in it, although adding photos can make it more interesting. The contest will last about 42 days and submissions will close on July 31st, 2017. Once the deadline has passed, we will select the winner, and they will receive a prize. The prize will be a shirt from the park, and some other items (A picture of the prizes will be posted at a later date).

    The trip report MUST be from the time this contest was started, to July 1st, no time before and no time after (from June 19th - July 19th).

    2. You can only enter one trip report, but you may make multiple trip reports, just choose one only one to enter.

    3. It must be at Six Flags New England.

    4. It MUST be yours. Don’t go to another website and steal someone else’s trip report.

    5. It must be truthful. Don’t make up things to make your trip report more interesting, and also don’t lie about going to the park. (For instance, don’t lie and say things like “A drunk man went crazy and messed with Superman’s control panel! Then, we were stuck on the ride in a thunderstorm!” unless it actually happened)

    To enter, post your trip report in the trip report section of the forums, and notify that you have entered by posting that you have entered here in this thread. Put (Contest) at the end of the title. Heres an example. “PTR 7.14.17 (Bizarro Returns?) (Contest)”.

    I put the deadline far enough to give everyone enough time to visit the park and get a trip report entered. Any changes made to the rules will be posted here. There is no rule on how long you are at the park, as long as it is a trip report. I will not be entering the contest, as well as some of the other people that will be assisting in voting.

    We have a helpful thread here on trip report tips:

    If you have any questions, or suggestions, feel free to post them here!
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